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    Childhood Diseases: What You Can Do to Change The Odds in Your Child’s Favor

    When I was a kid, none of my peers had type 2 diabetes. I didn’t know anyone with a life-threatening peanut allergy. The label ADHD was rarely used. Today more kids will live with a chronic medical condition in childhood than won’t. Read that again. It would be unbelievable if it weren’t so pervasive. Allergies, […]

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  • Love Your Heart All Year Long & Live Longer, Part 2

    Love Your Heart All Year Long & Live Longer, Part 2

    There are nine major risk factors that impact heart disease. The good news?  There’s something you can do about each one to help prevent heart disease. Yesterday we talked about smoking and cholesterol. Today, number 3 and four on the list:

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  • Doubling Vitamin D

    Doubling Vitamin D

    Today at our annual meeting in Boston, the American Academy of Pediatrics doubled the recommended amount of vitamin D that children get each day to 400 IU, in response to mounting evidence of the life-long health benefits of getting plenty of the sunshine vitamin.

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  • Adult Diabetes and Kids

    Adult Diabetes and Kids

    A huge study of millions of kids revealed for the first time the true measure of type 2 diabetes in children in the United States. The results appeared in the June 27, 2007 Journal of the American Medical Association. In the recent past, type 2 diabetes was called adult-onset diabetes because this obesity-related condition was […]

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  • Organic Watermelon, Papaya, and Diabetes

    Organic Watermelon, Papaya, and Diabetes

    The rise of diabetes is alarming. Today almost 1/3 of Americans, more than 73 million adults, already have diabetes or pre-diabetes (higher than normal blood glucose levels), according to the June 2006 issue of Diabetes Care. Type 2 diabetes, which accounts for 95% of diabetes cases, is the one associated with overweight and obesity. When […]

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  • Overweight: Not Just Skin Deep

    Overweight: Not Just Skin Deep

    More than a third of overweight kids, age 2 through 18, already have elevated blood pressure, according to a study of 497 kids that appears in the August 2005 Pediatrics. About half of the kids with high blood pressure were already in trouble with their cholesterol levels. Strikingly, more than a quarter of overweight kids […]

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  • Fast-Food Fallout

    Fast-Food Fallout

    Does stopping by a fast food restaurant a few times a week with your kids really make a difference in their health? A major long-term study has found a strong association between eating fast food more than twice a week and the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes in teens and young adults.

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  • The Downward Spiral of Obesity

    The Downward Spiral of Obesity

    High blood pressure, high blood glucose, high triglycerides, low HDL, and/or increased waist size are all important heart disease risk factors, typically associated with middle age. Get ready for your jaw to drop. About 2/3 of U.S. teens already have at least one of these risk factors, according to research at Children.s Hospital Boston published […]

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  • Vaccine Diabetes Link?

    Vaccine Diabetes Link?

    Type 1 diabetes has increased in children over the last decade, presumably triggered by something in their diet or in their environment. Some have suggested that perhaps the disease is triggered by a child’s response to vaccines. The April 1, 2004 New England Journal of Medicine contains the results of a huge investigation into this […]

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  • A Glucose Watch at Camp

    A Glucose Watch at Camp

    Kids at a diabetes camp got to sample the future as they tried out a diabetes camp. After a day of fun activities, kids’ blood sugars might dip dangerously low while the children sleep.

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