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  • The Importance of the Intrinsic - Part Two

    The Importance of the Intrinsic – Part Two

    A primary goal of developing intrinsic motivation in children is to help them function as responsible adults in the future (as opposed to entitled adults who shy away from the hard work it takes to achieve success). Grown-ups who have learned the rationale behind decisions are typically good decision-makers themselves, and are likely to have […]

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  • The Importance of the Intrinsic

    The Importance of the Intrinsic

    Most of us do it, even though we know it’s not the best parenting technique. But is bribing, rewarding, and threatening really all that bad? And if we can’t use rewards to motivate our children, what can we do? Before we understand the pros and cons of bribery, we need to be clear on some […]

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  • Touch is as Important to Infant Health as Eating and Sleeping

    Touch is as Important to Infant Health as Eating and Sleeping

    Baby massage may seem superfluous or silly to some people, but it’s popularity is growing in the U.S. and it has actually been practiced for centuries in many cultures around the world. But, does it have any significant health benefits? You might be surprised at how much it does. In fact, touch plays a much […]

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  • The Ageless Possibilities of Imagination

    The Ageless Possibilities of Imagination

    Walt Disney called it “Imagineering” and made imagining fun for all ages! Young children make sense of the world through play and by using their imaginations.  They learn social and emotional skills through play and interaction with their peers and with adults.

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  • The Hero

    The Hero

    Oct. 9, 1965- In a world void of heroes, kids will create their own. Fuller loves to tell stories with his characters. His cars zip around the room, his action figures go everywhere he goes. When Fuller becomes the “Hero” his characters are always ready to save the day.

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  • The Inventor

    The Inventor

    Sept 13, 1965- I built a few puzzles for Zadie and Fuller this week. They’ve been twisting their brains trying to solve them all morning. It truly is exercise for the mind.

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  • The Writer

    The Writer

    June 22, 1965- Storytelling gives confidence to a child’s imagination. Zadie and Fuller played “ghost hunters” today and it surprisingly ended with a summer time lemonade party. Strange play indeed but it was rich in storytelling and full of adventure and excitement as it unfolded. It crossed boundaries from adventure and ended with an imitation […]

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  • The Artist

    The Artist

    April 8, 1965- Pablo Picasso once said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain one when they grow up.” I watch Zadie and Fuller create fantastic drawings of butterflies, robots, and even their own inventions and hope this creative expression continues for the rest of their lives. My goal is to help […]

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  • "A WISH" for well balanced play.

    “A WISH” for well balanced play.

    June 6, 1961- It seems to be raining pitchforks and hammer handles today.  It’s one those rare Colorado days stuck inside the workshop staring at projects that need tending. Instead of working, I find myself mesmerized watching my grandchildren, Zadie and Fuller playing “Pirate” with just broom handles, paper hats, and a cardboard box. The […]

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  • Alan Greene as a boy in kentucy with father and grandfather

    Father: Past, Present, and Future

    Even before our babies are born, we are teaching them about the world around us. We communicate our choices, our values, even without thinking about it. They hear our voices, smell our aromas, and they taste, remember, and prefer the foods we feed to their mother.

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