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  • The Power of Two

    The Power of Two

    Back in our younger days, before texting and children and time that just won’t stand still, my husband often left little notes for me tucked into unusual places. He has always traveled frequently for work, and the tiny little love notes always served as a reminder that travel is temporary, but love is forever. Technology […]

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  • Raising Stand-Up Kids

    Raising Stand Up Kids

    I sigh in frustration with each instance of bullying that makes the news. Whether or not the end result includes a loss, if it’s newsworthy, it’s tragic in one way or another. I can’t help but worry that not enough is being done. There are programs in schools. Books for all ages line the shelves […]

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  • Letting Go

    Letting Go: A Mother’s Challenge

    I’m fun (most of the time). I’m organized (sometimes to a fault). And I’m mellow (which sometimes leads to lazy mornings that never end). But I am not good at change. My babies have grown by leaps and bounds and I’ve made it my goal to enjoy every step of the way (even the sleepless […]

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  • Self-Confidence Matters

    Self-Confidence Matters

    Shy, a little bit anxious, and afraid to make waves, I was never self-confident as a child. I second-guessed almost every thought that crossed my mind and was paralyzed in the face of decisions, both big and small. I was afraid to be wrong. I was petrified to make mistakes. I only wanted to please. […]

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  • Close-up of a boy looking out a window on a rainy day

    Boys Cry, Too

    The urge to protect a child, to hold them close and fend off any and all potential threats, is one of the most primal urges in parenting. It’s part of what makes us parents. We brought them into this world, one way or another, and we aim to keep them safe and loved. I’ve felt […]

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  • 200285795-001

    Is Your Child Trying to Tell You Something?

    Children don’t usually tell us how they are feeling in a direct way especially about their worries. Instead, they say things out of context, give clues, and as they get older, test the waters to see how a topic might be received. This means we have to listen extra carefully and inquire, even when the […]

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  • Father and daughter

    Seizing Teachable Moments to Reinforce Body Safety

    Parents often ask me how to talk with children about sexual abuse prevention without scaring them. I recommend teaching kids prevention through body safety. Children provide us with teachable moments each and every day for reinforcing body-safety concepts in an age-appropriate, non-threatening way. Just think about all the questions kids ask from “How does the […]

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  • That's a Funny Book

    How Is Your Child’s School Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse?

    While summer is in full swing, children will be starting or returning to school in no time. If you have not had a chance to screen your child’s school, preschool, daycare, or activity program for child sexual abuse prevention, there’s no time like the present. We recommend inviting both the school director and teachers onto […]

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  • Thumbs Up Kids

    Empowering Your Child to Say “No!”

    It is a parent’s responsibility to keep children safe by safe screening caregivers, but it is also useful to teach children how to deal with difficult situations should someone try to break a body-safety rule. If Somebody Tries to Touch Your Private Parts, Say “No” or “Stop It.” While it’s important to teach children to […]

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  • If It Ain't Fun, It Doesn't Get Done

    If It Ain’t Fun, It Doesn’t Get Done

    “Unless you puke, faint, or die, KEEP GOING!” -Jillian Michaels, “The Biggest Loser” Reality TV has presented a harrowing view of the weight-loss process. Researchers have found that people watching such shows tend to see exercise as a torturous activity that they want to avoid, and view obesity as the result of laziness and gluttony. […]

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