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  • A Colic Diet

    A Colic Diet

    Imagine for a moment the sound of 3 hours with a peaceful, happy baby. And imagine the opposite! About ¼ of babies will experience colic, defined as at least 3 hours of crying per day on at least 3 days of the previous week. Several factors, such as exposure to cigarette smoke, have been proven […]

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  • Treating Continuous Crying

    Treating Continuous Crying

    I have a 7-week-old who is very fussy. All he does is cry. He is in pain and I feel so bad for him. He barely sleeps at all. When he is fussy he is also extremely gassy. Any…

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  • Food Allergies

    Food Allergies: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Food hypersensitivity, Oral allergy syndrome, Allergic proctocolitis Introduction to food allergies: Many parents of infants and toddlers are told that food allergies don’t happen that young, or that they are very rare. We’ve learned that food allergies certainly do happen and that they are common – affecting about 1 in 18 children before […]

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  • Colic Will Not Last Forever!

    Colic Will Not Last Forever!

    My wife and I are pulling our hair out. Our daughter cries for hours every evening. What can we do about colic? We need help!!!California

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  • What is Colic

    What is Colic?

    What is colic?

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