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  • Chemicals, Cancer, and Change

    Chemicals, Cancer, and Change

    One of the most exciting reports I have ever read, Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk – What We Can Do Now, was released this week by the President’s Cancer Panel, along with significant coverage by Nicholas Kristof in The NY Times, Lyndsey Layton in The Washington Post and Liz Szabo in USA Today.

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  • Kids and Smoking: Start the Conversations Early

    Kids and Smoking: Start the Conversations Early

    Each day 3,000 kids start smoking.  One third of them will die from their addiction. Most preschool children today view smoking as an unhealthy, negative behavior.  Somewhere around the time of kindergarten, however, this often begins to change.  They begin to think of positive aspects of smoking – that it is cool, that it can […]

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  • Chemicals in Your Environment

    Chemicals in Your Environment

    Parents are often surprised when I tell them that a great number of the products we use in our homes are not necessarily evaluated and declared safe by a government entity. The paints that cover your walls, the stain-resistant fabric that covers your furniture, the very carpet under your feet… these things can contain toxic […]

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  • Keynote

    DES in Beef – World Congress Keynote

    I recently addressed the assembled crowd at the World Congress. I started by showing them this picture of hundreds of thousands of Koreans, some pushing strollers with young children, coming together as part of a month-long candlelight vigil to ask for healthy, safe food. They were upset about the safety of imported of American beef. […]

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  • An Organic Dad

    An Organic Dad

    As a father, I have a desire to teach, provide for and protect my children. For me, one way to do all three of these is to choose organic foods for my family. I now know this as a physician, but I first learned it as a father and a husband.

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  • Cell Phones, Cigarettes, Cancer, and Children

    Cell Phones, Cigarettes, Cancer, and Children

    Whether or not cell phones cause cancer remains very controversial, but a renowned neurosurgeon has released a provocative paper reviewing over 100 scientific and medical studies, and concluded that the link between cell phone use and brain tumors on the same side of the head is now clear, and that tumors from cell phone use […]

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  • Sun Cancer Soars

    Sun Cancer Soars

    Men and women born in 1970 – now in their mid-30s – already are being diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Shockingly, these young adults are being diagnosed with melanoma at the same rate as the elderly who were born in 1930 and who didn’t start developing melanoma until their 50s, […]

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  • Smoking Changes Kids' Genes

    Smoking Changes Kids’ Genes

    Tobacco contains many compounds capable of damaging DNA and causing cancer. When a woman smokes during pregnancy, tobacco compounds from Mom’s bloodstream slip across the placenta. They can be found both in fetal blood and in the amniotic fluid that bathes the baby inside and out. We’ve known for some time that smoking during pregnancy […]

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  • The How and When of Skin Protection

    The How and When of Skin Protection

    How and when sun damage occurs to children’s skin may surprise you. Many parents know that in the United States alone more than 1 million skin cancers are diagnosed in adults each year, resulting from damage to the skin during childhood. Many of these cancers are deadly melanomas. Over the last thirty years, the frequency […]

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  • Acrylamide is in the news today!

    Acrylamide is in the news today!

    Dr. Greene has been concerned about acrylamide since 2002 when The World Health Organization convened an emergency expert panel in to evaluate the potential health threats of acrylamide, a known toxic substance possibly created by heating starchy foods to high temperatures.

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