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  • Chemicals, Cancer, and Change

    Chemicals, Cancer, and Change

    One of the most exciting reports I have ever read, Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk – What We Can Do Now, was released this week by the President’s Cancer Panel, along with significant coverage by Nicholas Kristof in The NY Times, Lyndsey Layton in The Washington Post and Liz Szabo in USA Today.

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  • Kids and Smoking: Start the Conversations Early

    Kids and Smoking: Start the Conversations Early

    Each day 3,000 kids start smoking.  One third of them will die from their addiction. Most preschool children today view smoking as an unhealthy, negative behavior.  Somewhere around the time of kindergarten, however, this often begins to change.  They begin to think of positive aspects of smoking – that it is cool, that it can […]

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  • Soy and Vitamin D: Two Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer

    Soy and Vitamin D: Two Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, colon cancer is the third-most common cancer in both men and women, and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US. Since colon cancer tends to strike people over the age of 50, parents with kids at home might not be thinking about colon cancer prevention […]

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  • Soy May Do a Woman’s Body Good

    Soy May Do a Woman’s Body Good

    A recent analysis of several studies about soy* consumption concluded that women who eat the most soy may decrease the likelihood of developing ovarian or uterine cancers by up to 40 percent. The December 2009 analysis, published in BJOG, An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, examined the data from 169,000 women, including about 2 […]

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  • 5 Organic Foods Every Woman Should Eat

    5 Organic Foods Every Woman Should Eat

    In case you didn’t catch my article in this month’s Glamour magazine, here’s a summary of what I consider to be the most important organic switches every woman should make, if she eats these foods.

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  • Chemicals in Your Environment

    Chemicals in Your Environment

    Parents are often surprised when I tell them that a great number of the products we use in our homes are not necessarily evaluated and declared safe by a government entity. The paints that cover your walls, the stain-resistant fabric that covers your furniture, the very carpet under your feet… these things can contain toxic […]

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  • Doubling Vitamin D

    Doubling Vitamin D

    Today at our annual meeting in Boston, the American Academy of Pediatrics doubled the recommended amount of vitamin D that children get each day to 400 IU, in response to mounting evidence of the life-long health benefits of getting plenty of the sunshine vitamin.

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  • Mobilizing Support for the CIS

    Mobilizing Support for the CIS

    I just heard from Gary Kreps, Professor of Health Communication at George Mason University and e-patient pioneer, reporting about drastic cutbacks to the Cancer Information Service programs. Excellent up-to-date information is an important foundation for Participatory Medicine.

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  • An Organic Dad

    An Organic Dad

    As a father, I have a desire to teach, provide for and protect my children. For me, one way to do all three of these is to choose organic foods for my family. I now know this as a physician, but I first learned it as a father and a husband.

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  • Cell Phones, Cigarettes, Cancer, and Children

    Cell Phones, Cigarettes, Cancer, and Children

    Whether or not cell phones cause cancer remains very controversial, but a renowned neurosurgeon has released a provocative paper reviewing over 100 scientific and medical studies, and concluded that the link between cell phone use and brain tumors on the same side of the head is now clear, and that tumors from cell phone use […]

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