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  • Ruby Beet and Celery Root Soup Recipe

    Ruby Beet and Celery Root Soup Recipe

    If you have your own garden,when late winter comes, beets and celery root are picked from their chilly bed as needed. These healthy vegetables turn into

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  • Mama Mia Minestrone Recipe

    Mama Mia Minestrone Recipe

    The perfect vegetarian soup to curl up with on a cold day.

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  • Spicy Fiesta Scramble Recipe

    Spicy Fiesta Scramble Recipe

    A fun way to introduce spices to the breakfast table.

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  • Tasty Pasta Primavera Recipe

    Tasty Pasta Primavera Recipe

    A pasta dish the family is sure to love!

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  • Spicy Butterbean Hummus Recipe

    Spicy Butterbean Hummus Recipe

    This spicy, light-green spread works beautifully wherever you’d use hummus: as a dip, as a spread, or in pitas.

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  • Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

    Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

    < Fried rice is an Asian specialty that is made from rice that has been cooked and refrigerated overnight before being fried with a variety of other ingredients. It’s important to allow the rice to dry in the refrigerator overnight because

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  • Healthy Taco Salad Recipe

    Healthy Taco Salad Recipe

    This salad is full of super healthy ingredients. It is an upside-down version of the traditional.  Use chopped romaine and cilantro as the base, not a pile of chips. This saves you hundreds of nutrient-sparse calories in exchange for

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  • Zucchini and Eggplant Recipe

    Zucchini and Eggplant Recipe

    With vegetarian meals that taste this good, why eat meat? You typically make this dish with Feta cheese, but all soft cheeses should be avoided during pregnancy unless they are pasturized. Here’s an alternative –

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  • Vegetarian Caprese Pasta Recipe

    Vegetarian Caprese Pasta Recipe

    This is a perfect way to utilize the abundance of home grown tomatoes and basil that is available all summer long!  Caprese pasta is a great vegetarian and nut-free main dish that will appeal to even your pickiest eaters.  Those sensitive to gluten can

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  • No Fuss Rice-Cooker Stew Recipe

    No Fuss Rice-Cooker Stew Recipe

    You don’t need a whole kitchen to cook. Here’s a complete meal you can make with just a rice cooker. This is perfect for cooking in a hotel room, dorm room, or where ever you have electricity but no other cooking facilities. It’s good at home, too, for those days when

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