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  • Blue is a Color in the Rainbow

    Blue is a Color in the Rainbow

    You may feel a rainbow of emotions during the days following your baby’s birth, sometimes in bewildering succession, sometimes several conflicting emotions at the same time.

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  • The Babymoon

    The Babymoon

    What comes after the triumph of birth and the very first meal? When an athlete is named MVP of the Super Bowl, his next stop is a celebration trip to a famous theme park. When a couple gets married, they often enjoy a honeymoon to celebrate their new relationship. A friend of mine named Ann […]

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  • Over the Rainbow

    Over the Rainbow

    Around the same time your baby is consciously reaching and grasping, he undergoes a gradual transformation that is as remarkable as the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy leaves the black-and-white world of Kansas for the brilliant colors of Oz. The red, blue, and green cones in his retina come online. All the […]

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  • Fifteen Minutes of Magic

    Fifteen Minutes of Magic

    If you’ve ever had a massage, you know how soothing and wonderful touch can be. Infant massage has been the subject of recent studies and shown remarkable benefits.

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  • Is That a Real Smile or Gas?

    Is That a Real Smile or Gas?

    Around the same time as the peak of the fussy period, most babies start to have a real, joyful, social smile. Again, we see the balance of parenting. By now, babies are clearly tuned in socially. They have started to become fascinated with their own hands, staring at them as they slowly turn them over. […]

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  • How Do I Leave?

    How Do I Leave?

    When you really leave, do not make a big fuss over going and do not sneak out. Children need a simple, affectionate, direct “Bye-bye, I’ll be back.” Be sure to tell them when you’ll be back. Anxiety can be contagious. The more anxious you are about leaving or about others caring for your baby, the […]

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  • What Can We Do in the Meantime?

    What Can We Do in the Meantime?

    Once children have learned about leaving, you want them to learn about returning. Separation/return games, and short practice separations are quite helpful. The classic separation/return games are peek-a-boo and Where’s the Baby?

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  • Will This Ever End?

    Will This Ever End?

    Most healthy babies and toddlers exhibit at least one phase of stranger/separation anxiety as part of normal development. The first peak of separation anxiety usually takes place in the second half of the first year and lasts for about two to four months, although there is great variability in this.

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  • What's Going On?

    What’s Going On?

    Separation anxiety and stranger anxiety both coincide with a new intellectual skill called object permanence. Your baby now remembers objects and specific people who are not present. He will search for toys that have dropped out of sight. He is able to call up a mental image of what (or who) he is missing. He […]

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  • A Fantastic Opportunity

    A Fantastic Opportunity

    We lost the last generation to healthy nutrition before they were 18 months old. Parents found their children rejecting baby foods. And they didn’t know what or how to feed the babies they loved. They didn’t want their kids to go hungry. So the finger foods that many kids sampled were salty, partially hydrogenated, artificially […]

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