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  • Feeding Baby Green - The Journey Begins

    Feeding Baby Green – The Journey Begins

    To get an idea of how Feeding Baby Green may help your family, imagine your child a few years down the road, eating lunch at school. Most of her friends have snagged French fries or chips to complement their meals. Instead, your daughter reaches for a salad and a yogurt.

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  • Feeding Baby Green Tip – Is Your Baby Allergic?

    Feeding Baby Green Tip – Is Your Baby Allergic?

    How do you tell if your baby is allergic or intolerant to something? Usually, you will not see a quick, visible response to a formula or food. Instead, you might see eczema or another skin rash, fussiness, loose stools, hard stools, or blood in the stool.

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  • Babies are Built from Food

    Babies are Built from Food

    Babies Are Built from Food When a brand-new baby opens her eyes and, for the first time, settles her gaze on her parents with a spark of recognition, something very complex has taken place. The light in the room has focused through a tiny living lens to project an image on the canvas of tightly […]

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  • Earth-Friendly Household Cleansers

    Earth-Friendly Household Cleansers

    Keep your home clean and fresh, your baby safe, and the planet a little greener by using cleaners free of chemicals, solvents, dyes, and fragrances. Look for products that are labeled nontoxic, chlorine and phosphate free, and that are biodegradable, such as those made by these companies:

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  • Household Cleaners – Safety Under the Kitchen Sink

    Household Cleaners – Safety Under the Kitchen Sink

    In general, I recommend choosing cleaning products that don’t require any such labeling. If a cleanser is not good for you and at its most acceptable level requires caution, it is probably not good for others or for the environment either. Instead, as your household cleansers need replacement, switch to simple, green cleansers that are […]

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  • As Powerful as Insulin

    As Powerful as Insulin

    The hormonal shifts of pregnancy are a challenge for maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Up to 1 in 8 women will develop gestational diabetes during their pregnancies, increasing risks for themselves and for their babies.

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  • Mirror World

    Mirror World

    Regular physical activity can have profound benefits for parents and babies. I’m also convinced that developing a habit of activity during pregnancy (even before pregnancy is better) is another way to begin teaching your child. Kids observe and learn.

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  • Choosing a Green Pediatrician

    Choosing a Green Pediatrician

    As you did when choosing an ob/gyn, you want to find a pediatrician who is top-notch medically. How much better if he or she is also on the journey to an environmentally sustainable perspective on pediatrics!

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  • What about Seafood?

    What about Seafood?

    For an expectant mom, trying to eat seafood as safely as possible is difficult because the USDA has no classification yet for organic seafood. Therefore, seafood is a double-edged sword.

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  • What Color is Your Laundry Room?

    What Color is Your Laundry Room?

    We’re thrilled to have been tagged by Molly Pesce at Barnes and Raising Baby Green is one of her top green picks for Earth Week 2008

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