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  • Whats Hiding In Your Baby Formula

    What’s Hiding In Your Baby Formula?

    Genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) are in about 85% of a conventional grocery store, including the baby aisle where we find infant formula and baby food. And when GMOs have no long-term independent testing behind them, is it safe to put into baby formula? The truth is, we don’t actually know. What do we know about […]

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  • Touch is as Important to Infant Health as Eating and Sleeping

    Touch is as Important to Infant Health as Eating and Sleeping

    Baby massage may seem superfluous or silly to some people, but it’s popularity is growing in the U.S. and it has actually been practiced for centuries in many cultures around the world. But, does it have any significant health benefits? You might be surprised at how much it does. In fact, touch plays a much […]

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  • Alan Greene as a boy in kentucy with father and grandfather

    Father: Past, Present, and Future

    Even before our babies are born, we are teaching them about the world around us. We communicate our choices, our values, even without thinking about it. They hear our voices, smell our aromas, and they taste, remember, and prefer the foods we feed to their mother.

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  • Breast Milk’s Subtle Flavor Magic

    Breast Milk’s Subtle Flavor Magic

    Interestingly, babies tend to suck more vigorously when a new flavor is introduced into their mothers’ diet (even if the mothers don’t notice the change in nursing, researchers can measure it). The babies’ bodies seem eager to learn new flavors. When that flavor has been repeated a few times, nursing returns to normal, suggesting that […]

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  • drgblog-sunblock-clothing

    New: skin damage starts with your child’s first summer

    It’s taken a long time for science to quantify what mothers have always known: the skin of babies and toddlers is very different from the skin of older children and adults. Babies’ skin is softer because the outermost protective layer, the stratum corneum, isn’t mature until at least age two.

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  • BPA, Sperm, Masculinity, and the Average American Guy

    BPA, Sperm, Masculinity, and the Average American Guy

    A new study suggests that typical BPA exposure may be affecting the masculinity, semen quality, and sperm count of the average American guy. And young boys often have even more BPA exposure than adult men. Researchers from Oakland, California and Shanghai, China compared the urine samples and semen samples of 218 men from four different […]

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  • Danger in a Spray Bottle: Why It’s Time to Change Our Childproofing Strategy

    Danger in a Spray Bottle: Why It’s Time to Change Our Childproofing Strategy

    For years doctors have encouraged parents to store toxic household cleaning products in locked cabinets, out of sight and reach of children. While this advice may have helped considerably, with injury from cleaning products in children declining 46 percent since 1990, a new study demonstrates that children under age 6 years are still at high […]

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  • Brown vs. White Rice: A Fork in the Road

    Brown vs. White Rice: A Fork in the Road

    It’s time to change America’s first food. What if white rice helped trigger diabetes and brown rice helped to prevent it, regardless of lifestyle? That’s just what a 2010 Harvard study suggests. Brown rice is a delicious whole food, packed with flavor and with protective nutrients. But all of the sugar-stabilizing fiber and all of […]

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  • Colic Improved by Probiotics?

    Colic Improved by Probiotics?

    The long crying spasms of colic can be exhausting for parents and babies alike. Because babies with colic have been shown in some studies to have fewer species of beneficial bacteria in their intestines, researchers in Turin, Italy wondered whether giving babies probiotics (beneficial bacteria) might help solve the colic.

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  • Dr. Greene’s Buying Guide for Christmas Toys

    Dr. Greene’s Buying Guide for Christmas Toys

    I have wonderful news about toys! The exciting, groundbreaking CPSC reform act, overwhelmingly approved by both the Senate and the House this summer, starts the countdown toward safer toys for your children. This act bans lead and toxic phthalates in children’s toys and requires third-party safety certification before toys go on the market. Plus, you’ll […]

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