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  • Asthma Treatment

    Asthma Treatment

    Nebulizer machines were once the mainstay of asthma treatment for those with serious asthma, but they are gradually being replaced in the management of asthma in adults, and then in older children. A study in the May 2000 issue of Chest indicates that they may no longer be necessary even for babies.

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  • World Asthma Day 2000 Brings Patients and International Health Experts Together Online

    World Asthma Day 2000 Brings Patients and International Health Experts Together Online

    Asthma is worsening every year, and is rising more rapidly in preschool-aged children than any other age group. The Global Initiative for Asthma (a collaborative effort between the World Health Organization, the National Institute of Health and the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program) is coordinating the efforts of World Asthma Day 2000.

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  • An Orange a Day!

    An Orange a Day!

    A study in the April 2000 issue of Thorax found that eating citrus fruit or kiwi might reduce asthma symptoms in children. In this Italian study of over 18,000 children, eating fruit rich in vitamin C five to seven times a week was dramatic in reducing overall wheezing, chronic cough, nighttime cough, and severe wheezing […]

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  • Does RSV Cause Asthma?

    Does RSV Cause Asthma?

    In the Northern Hemisphere it’s the season for respiratory illnesses. Children with RSV bronchiolitis usually wheeze. Often these same children go on to develop asthma. My hunch has been that RSV does not cause asthma, but that children born with a tendency to wheeze are more susceptible to both.

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  • How Secondhand Smoke Affects Children

    How Secondhand Smoke Affects Children

    The Great American Smokeout is the American Cancer Society’s call to stop smoking. We all know that smoking leads to serious health problems for adults, but many people just don’t get that being in a room that smells like smoke increases and prolongs colds, coughs, sinus infections, and asthma in children. Secondhand smoke is responsible […]

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  • Might Your Child Have Asthma?

    Might Your Child Have Asthma?

    Asthma among young children has exploded — more than doubling in recent years. And an estimated half of the children with asthma haven’t even been diagnosed!

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  • Watching Television Causes Asthma?!

    Watching Television Causes Asthma?!

    We know that kids who have asthma are more likely to be overweight. But is it that kids with asthma exercise less, and so become overweight – or is it that obesity can trigger asthma?

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  • Colds, Allergies and Sinus Infections

    Colds, Allergies and Sinus Infections

    Parents often ask me whether their children’s constantly runny noses are the result of allergies, sinus infections, or of one cold after another.

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  • Inhaler Use for Asthma

    Inhaler Use for Asthma

    My son has a moderate allergy condition. His doctor has given him two inhalers to use. The first is called Intal and he is to use it three times daily. The other is Proventil. I believe that this is…

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  • Fast Facts about Septra

    Fast Facts about Septra

    Septra and Bactrim are both brand names for a combination antibiotic called trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

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