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  • Dosing Spoon Surprise

    Dosing Spoon Surprise

    Once again, my take is different than that of most. About 70 percent of Americans measure their liquid medicines in kitchen spoons. But when smart college students were asked to pour a real teaspoon of liquid medicine into a kitchen spoon, they averaged either eight percent less or twelve percent more than the amount prescribed, […]

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  • Allergy Medication

    Allergy Medication

    If a child has cold symptoms that go on and on, is it really allergies? Or is it just one long cold? Or several colds, back-to-back? This is especially difficult in the spring when all the flowers and trees…

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  • Alternatives to Allerg Meds

    Alternatives to Allergy Medicines

    Are there any alternatives to simply giving my daughter allergy medicine all season?

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  • Antihistamine


    What exactly do antihistamines do? Are over-the-counter antihistamines safe for children to take regularly for allergies?

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