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  • The Magic of Trees All Season Long

    The Magic of Trees All Season Long

    I believe trees have magical healing power. If you’ve ever read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, you know what I mean. If you have fond memories of sitting in a tree fort as a child, or climbing trees to look out and ponder the view from above, you know what I mean.

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  • Stress and Environmental Toxins

    Stress and Environmental Toxins

    Of course reducing toxic exposures is an important way to reduce risks from unhealthy chemicals, but a growing body of research suggests paying attention to positive habits – such as good food, healthy sleep and active play can often reduce or even eliminate harm when exposed. An update on this emerging field of research appeared […]

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  • Spring Health Clean: Part 5

    Spring Health Clean: Part 5

    Bringing the green indoors Not only do houseplants bring both beauty and peace in our homes and they are able to break down these toxins by breathing in carbon dioxide and churning out oxygen thus making indoor air quality much cleaner. Yes, remembering to water them maybe challenging but engaging kids to help, can aid […]

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  • Ear infections are vanishing: four key ideas for parents

    Ear infections are vanishing: four key ideas for parents

    I remember, not long ago, seeing many children with ear infections every day I was in the office – children that were often up screaming the night before. Today it’s not surprising to go an entire day in clinic without seeing a single one. Visits to doctors’ offices for ear infections more than doubled between […]

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  • Fast Facts on Indoor Air Quality

    Fast Facts on Indoor Air Quality

    Most of us spend the vast majority of each day indoors, where air quality can be 2-5 times worse than outside. Indoor air quality issues revolve around environmental contaminants such as allergens and airborne chemicals.

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  • Gas Stoves, IQ, & ADHD

    Gas Stoves, IQ, & ADHD

      According to a groundbreaking new study, preschoolers with gas appliances in their homes scored lower on cognitive tests and were more likely to have ADHD than their peers. Researchers visited the homes of 482 babies in the first twelve weeks of life to count gas appliances in the homes and to install a device […]

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  • Bringing the Outdoors In

    Bringing the Outdoors In

    I love it when I hear television interior designers talk about “bringing the outdoors in” and greening up a home with houseplants. Decorating your house with lush green plants does so much more than spruce up your living room. Houseplants are magnificent air purifiers, and they’re a great, inexpensive resource for reducing indoor pollutants.

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  • ADHD and the Environment

    ADHD and the Environment

    Can exposing the developing brain to environmental toxins lead to ADHD? An upcoming study in the NIH journal Environmental Health Perspectives examined the effects of two substances known to affect the developing brain – cigarette smoke and lead. In their analysis, the authors calculated that 4.2% of kids in the United States between the ages […]

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  • Fathers for Organic – Part 3 of 7: A Father’s Insight

    Fathers for Organic – Part 3 of 7: A Father’s Insight

    My wife’s name is Cheryl. When my youngest was a baby, she was radiant and full of life. We were enjoying parenting together, and enjoying being partners on She was responsible for the design, the engineering, the correspondence, the heart and the soul. I was the doctor responsible for answering parents’ questions. Life was […]

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  • A Colic Diet

    A Colic Diet

    Imagine for a moment the sound of 3 hours with a peaceful, happy baby. And imagine the opposite! About ¼ of babies will experience colic, defined as at least 3 hours of crying per day on at least 3 days of the previous week. Several factors, such as exposure to cigarette smoke, have been proven […]

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