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  • ADHD Drugs Disappoint Down the Road

    ADHD Drugs Disappoint Down the Road

    Almost 40 million prescriptions were written last year for ADHD drugs in the US alone. Parents deserve to know if these drugs won’t improve the long-term success of their children. They also deserve to know if most of the kids these drugs long term will have permanent side effects.

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  • Let’s Put Artificial Dyes on Time Out!

    Let’s Put Artificial Dyes on Time Out!

    I’ve joined with a number of distinguished physicians and research scientists to send a letter to the FDA urging them to begin proceedings to end the use of artificial food dyes, which mounting evidence suggests are not safe for our children. There is no need for these chemical dyes because excellent natural food colorings exist, […]

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  • ADHD and Omega 3 fats

    ADHD and Omega 3 fats

    ADHD is one of the most common behavioral and learning problems in childhood. It can affect the school experience, families, and friendships. It’s often associated with other problems as well, including learning disabilities and mood problems. Wouldn’t it be great if there were nutritional ways to help?

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  • Dr Greenes Organic Rx Item 4 - Baby Food

    Dr. Greene’s Organic Rx — Item #4

    #4 Organic Baby Foods Picture a treasured, pristine newborn, just beginning the voyage of life. Imagine a baby who hasn’t yet picked up the habits or tastes you wish you never had. Let it sink in – the organs and metabolic settings your baby is developing will be assembled from (and in response to) the […]

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