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  • A Few of My Favorite Apps

    A Few of My Favorite Apps

    I will admit to being addicted to certain endless runner type games on my iPhone.  All in the name of research as The iPhone Mom! But when it comes to my children, I try to limit their time with this style of app and direct them to more productive apps instead.  One area that iPads […]

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  • Back To School Tips: Getting a Handle on Afterschool Activities

    Back To School Tips: Getting a Handle on Afterschool Activities

    As we enter this busy back-to-school season with just a few nods of the head you may find that suddenly you need another income and a time machine in order to meet the commitments of your childís after-school life. Below are five tips for building a family schedule that everyone can live with.

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  • The Journey Within

    The Journey Within

    So you have lost your Center have you? Let’s face it you would not be reading this if you haven’t.  I would like to Congratulate you for taking the first step in regaining that little piece of you which you misplaced so long ago in a time you can no longer remember.

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  • Pediatric Literacy

    Pediatric Literacy

    About two months ago, my daughter Charlotte came to me with a book in her hand.  She handed it to me, then held open her arms for me to pluck her up on my lap.  And then she began to flip the pages and listen as I read her a story.

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