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  • Ice Packs Warm Compresses

    Ice Packs vs. Warm Compresses After Injury

    Bumps and bruises seem to be part of growing up. I usually do warm compresses, but am not sure if I should be using ice. Which is best?
    San Francisco, CA

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  • Danger in a Spray Bottle: Why It’s Time to Change Our Childproofing Strategy

    Danger in a Spray Bottle: Why It’s Time to Change Our Childproofing Strategy

    For years doctors have encouraged parents to store toxic household cleaning products in locked cabinets, out of sight and reach of children. While this advice may have helped considerably, with injury from cleaning products in children declining 46 percent since 1990, a new study demonstrates that children under age 6 years are still at high […]

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  • Falling Down: Older Children

    Falling Down: Older Children

    For the population as a whole, falls are the most common cause of unintentional injuries requiring medical care, the leading cause of hospital admissions for trauma, and the second leading cause (after motor vehicle collisions) of unintentional-injury-related deaths.

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  • Big Heads & Baby Falls

    Big Heads & Baby Falls

    Falling Down: Infants and Small Children Most parents are surprised at the ease with which small children can fall from beds, changing tables, and high chairs.  Even before they can roll over, they have a remarkable knack for propelling themselves off an elevated surface to land, thud, on the floor.  Cats land on their feet.  […]

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  • Alana and Troy

    Alana and Troy

    I wept again this morning when I stood with my family at the spot in our neighborhood where 7-year-old Alana Pack and her 10 year-old brother Troy were killed. This was an entirely preventable tragedy, but I can’t think of a single thing the parents or the children could have done to prevent it.

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  • A Tragic Lesson

    A Tragic Lesson

    A young doctor named Hitoshi Nikaidoh graduated from the University of Texas-Houston Medical School in June 2003. He began work as a surgical intern in July. In August he stepped into a second-floor elevator in his hospital just as the doors were closing. We all expect that the doors will bounce back open if we […]

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  • Congratulations Youve made an important choice

    Congratulations! You’ve made an important choice …

    …to pursue CPR training. I salute you in your efforts to be trained to help save lives. In the United States, you can find a CPR event near you by just entering your zip code here. In any country you might be able to locate a class through the International Federation of Red Cross and […]

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  • CPR A Parent’s Responsibility

    CPR A Parent’s Responsibility

    On August 3, 2003 James Safar, a man whose work saved many, many lives, died quietly at his home in Pennsylvania. He was 79 years old. He started the nation’s first physician – staffed ICU, but it was another innovation that was his biggest legacy. Dr. Safar pioneered a life-saving technique that can be used […]

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  • A True Lifesaver

    A True Lifesaver

    A major change in lifesaving recommendations was made in July 2003. Amazing machines called automated external defibrillators or AEDs can be found in an increasing number of public places. These machines have pads or paddles that can be placed on the chest during a life threatening emergency. They use sophisticated computer algorithms to automatically determine […]

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  • diseases_concussion_article_preview

    Concussion: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Head injury Introduction to concussion: Children’s energetic exploration of life often results in head “bonks.” Fortunately, most of them are not serious. Nevertheless, when we hear the awful thud of a child’s head, our breath catches for a moment… What is concussion? A brief, temporary loss of consciousness following a blow to the […]

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