Tips for Cooking with Mushrooms Recipe

Tips for Cooking with Mushrooms Recipe

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Tricks for cooking up all kinds of mushrooms.

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  1. Mushrooms:


    1. Top quality fresh mushrooms have a lightly closed heads, short stems and smooth, white, cream, or brown, unblemished caps.
    2. Open caps that expose the fluted underside indicate a certain loss of moisture but not the flavor or goodness. These open mushrooms should not be black at the time of purchase.
    3. Store fresh mushrooms uncovered in the refrigeratior, preferably in the vegetable drawer.
    4. Mushrooms will keep for about one week under refrigeration
    5. Wash mushrooms quickly under cold, running water, dry thoroughly
    6. Do not peel mushrroms or throw out the stems. This is the most flavorable part of the mushroom.
    7. Store mushroom stems not used in the refrigerator for later use for recipes that call for chopped mushrooms.
    8. Sprinkle mushrooms with lemon juice to preserve the light color.
    9. Canned mushrooms are already cooked. Use the liquid in recipes for added flavor.
    10. Frozen mushrooms should not be thawed before cooking. Cook as if they are fresh.

    One pound of fresh mushrooms =
    • 1 quart whole mushrooms
    • 20 to 24 medium mushrooms
    • 5 cups sliced
    • 4 cups minced or chopped
    • 2 10-ounce cans, drained
    • 1 pound frozen3 ounces dried


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