Fun and Flavorful Vegetable Fajitas Recipe

Fun and Flavorful Vegetable Fajitas Recipe[yields]

Fajitas are a fun way to allow children some choice in putting together their meals. Consider adding chicken, beef or shrimp to the marinade for variety. Other spring and summer vegetables like asparagus, squash, or eggplant are also excellent choices for this recipe. Saute the vegetables the night before, reheat in the morning and send them to school in a thermos with the toppings like cheese and guacamole on the side.

Chef Ann Cooper

Chef Ann Cooper is a celebrated author, chef, educator, and enduring advocate for better food for all children. In a nation where children are born with shorter estimated life expectancy than their parents because of diet-related illness, Ann is a relentless voice of reform by focusing on the links between food, family, farming and children’s health and wellness.

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