What is a UA test?

What is a UA test?
What is a UA test?

I can’t believe my baby is already heading off to school! I was given a medical form for enrolling my child, and was puzzled. What is a UA test? Why is it needed? What would a normal reading be?


Dr. Greene’s Answer:

The UA is a urinalysis. Many aspects of the urine are tested. On a school form, the normal result would be ‘negative’ or ‘normal’. We check the urine as a screening test to look for chronic infections (not all urinary tract infections have symptoms), diabetes (sugar in the urine), kidney problems (protein or blood in the urine), and a host of other things. Many conditions will show up on a UA.

February 1, 2010
Dr. Alan Greene

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  • Kelley Gadra

    Will a 350mg soma show on a drug test sent to the lab

  • Alan Greene

    Usually not on a screening drug test, Kelley, unless someone is suspected of abusing Soma, in which case they might do a specific test for it.