Sacral Dimple

My daughter has a small opening at her tailbone. After months of waiting and switching pediatricians, we were told that it is an open sweat gland and that I don’t have to worry about poop getting in there. She has had more rashes back there near her tailbone then before and she always has a little poop that gets in there. Is there anything I can do to prevent the poop getting in there or anything that can be done at all?

Sacral Dimple

Dr. Greene`s Answer:

A little hole at the base of the tailbone is called a sacral dimple or a sacral pit. Some of these are shallow and have a smooth end. Stool can collect in here. The treatment is to keep it clean, and to apply a protective barrier diaper ointment to try to keep stool out. Keeping stool out will be much easier when she is out of diapers.

Sacral dimples are common in normal, healthy children, but…

Some 1sacral pits continue deep inside, and may even connect to the spinal canal or even the colon. In the latter case, bits of stool can leak out through the opening. There can be a chronic rash. This type of dimple needs to be closed.

Some sacral dimples are outward signs of underlying problems. Most babies whose sacral dimples are within the crease between their buttocks are healthy.

Dimples that are deep, large, above the crease, or associated with an overlying birth mark or patch of hair should be looked at radiographically to be sure how and where they end. An MRI can give a conclusive answer. An ultrasound is easier and less expensive — and in babies it can often settle the question.

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Dr. Alan Greene

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  1. syed bashir Ahmad

    Hello.. I am bashir from Pakistan. My two months old son has sacral cleft in the buttock crease close to anus hole deep enough that bottom can’t be seen.I am very disturb please tell me what I do and what is the bad effect of this.

  2. kamal

    Hello, I am Kamal from india. My son has sacral dimple between the buttocks — 1 -2 mm hole which base can’t be seen. He also has a right club foot. The doctor told us to do an MRI and another doctor said it’s normal and will be closed by time, just don’t stretch it much and clean it properly. Now we are treating his clubfoot, which is complex type right foot. Can you please tell me, is this a serious problem and what should we do?

  3. Jamie

    Dr Green, I noticed my son had a sacral dimple at 6 months. Children’s hospital looked at it and said there was nothing to worry about as long as there was no leakage coming from it and we would have to wait till about 2 when he started going to the bathroom to see if there were any underlying problems. He is now 10 1/2 months and I noticed yesterday he has 2 little black hairs growing from the dimple its self. He is very mobile, walking already, crawling everywhere. Is this normal? The hair growing from it?


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