Your Most Impassioned Stuff

Your Most Impassioned Stuff

Your Most Impassioned Stuff

You will undoubtedly experience times during the progression of trying stuff in which you realize you love something, or equally important that you hate something.  Continuing to pursue endeavors that you enjoy will lead you down a path of self-discovery.  Knowing what it is that motivates you, as an applicant and as an individual, is empowering in its own right. You are unique in your life experiences and distinct in the ways through which you have traversed them.

Actively involving yourself will provide you with the ammunition to discover, indulge and share, your own passions.  In the end a career in medicine is like everything else in life, if you love it, it will flourish no matter what the obstacles.

Sally Greenwald

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Sally Greenwald is a MD MPH student at a medical school in Boston. She is a dancer, a flutist, a swim lesson instructor, a right fielder in softball, and is conversationally fluent in French. She graduated from Tufts University in 2007 and spent a year as Guest Representative of the Emergency Room and Clinical Researcher of the ED at Stanford Hospital.


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