You Can Make a Big Difference!

You Can Make a Big Difference!

You Can Make a Big Difference!

The Lancet earlier this year said that 1/3 of the child and maternal deaths every year are due to chronic malnutrition. The Copenhagen Consensus (with 5 Nobel Laureates) issued a press release at the end of May saying that if you look at everything from AIDS to terrorism, the world’s best investment for undernourished children, is vitamins. With zero to spend on research and not having to search for decades to find the ‘cure’, we can get basic nutrition (read; vitamins) today to children all over the world and in the process save millions of children’s lives. Millions. Maybe not genocide but still what is it when you have the ability to save millions of children’s lives and you do nothing?

There are lots of ways to get involved. The organization that I founded and now champion, Vitamin Angels, is one way. We’d love to have you get involved with us by holding a fundraiser, doing an education evening in your home, helping us get the word out to your email list, my space or facebook contacts. But Vitamin Angels isn’t the only way you can make a difference. If you’re already doing something, please tell us your story.

BTW – tomorrow I’ll tell you about Eliana and Angelina, just like I promised.

Howard Schiffer

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In 2005, Mr. Schiffer was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Newport Summit by Nutrition Business Journal for “creating Vitamin Angel Alliance as a force to bring better health and nutrition to millions of children and adults in need around the world”.


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