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Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels work is really simple; we are ‘reaching the unreachable’, getting essential nutrients to children under 5 who are chronically malnourished, and saving lives. 1/3 of all child and maternal deaths are due to chronic malnutrition.

Our cost for reaching these children is 25 cents per child per year.

With 2 high dose vitamin A capsules, we can increase these children’s chances of survival by 23%, lower illnesses by 70% and stop them from going blind.

As the Copenhagen Consensus stated, vitamins are ‘the best investment for the biggest challenges facing the world’. 95% of our donations go to helping these children and we’ve been given a 4 star rating by Charity Navigator.

Vitamin Angels offers a simple and effective solution to a major global health problem.

Howard Schiffer

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In 2005, Mr. Schiffer was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Newport Summit by Nutrition Business Journal for “creating Vitamin Angel Alliance as a force to bring better health and nutrition to millions of children and adults in need around the world”.


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