Nutrition and Wellness – 5 Ways to Take Care of You

Nutrition and Wellness

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month — a month of events and media that celebrate this special time in a woman’s life. The activities this year are being kicked off with the 6th Annual Signature Pregnancy Awareness Month™ Event on Sunday May 5th from noon to 4 p.m. in Santa Monica. Dr. Greene is on their board of advisors and will, once again, speak at the kick-off event. 

In honor of this important month, we are re-publishing five posts by founder Anna Getty. Originally posted May 2009.

Nutrition and Wellness focus on eating organic foods for mother and child. Yes, of course I want everyone to pick up my book, Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic, it is a great guide to help you learn about cooking and eating organic food as well making your home kitchen a healthier environment. But above all, my book aside, I want women to make the healthiest choices during pregnancy and as far as food is concerned it is pesticide, GMO, hormone and antibiotic free food.

We now know that babies are born with over 300 chemicals in their blood stream, I bring this up a lot because I think people just don’t believe it, (I hardly can, still) but you can read the study called 10 Americans conducted by The Environmental Working Group (watch the video here and see how significant it is to eat foods that are as chemical free as possible. I will also mention that DDT a chemical banned in this country for decades is still found in breast milk.

So please, do whatever you can to eat organic food even if you are on a tight budget, make it a priority over purchasing the latest trendy stroller. Whether you go to the farmer’s market, coop’s, major super stores or grow your own help create a strong foundation of health for your child. If you want a complete list of farmer’s markets nationwide go to They have a list over 21,000 strong.

If you have to prioritize based on your budget stick to organic meat, dairy and eggs and avoid the Dirty Dozen. The NRDC has a list of simple steps to help stay within a tight budget. Check it out. I assure you, that when you eat organically during your pregnancy, you are making the best choice for you and your baby.

If you want to pick up a copy of my book Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic, I promise there are plenty of simple recipes to satisfy many of your cravings…organically.

Any thoughts on organic food?

Anna Getty

Anna Getty is a mother of two, chef, environmental advocate, green living educator and the founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month. She has penned two books including I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas and Anna Getty's Easy Green Organic.

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