Love Language

Love Language

Love Language

My husband does not remember birthdays or anniversaries. He’s not a giver of flowers or fancy chocolate. He does however, fill the gas in my car when it’s running low because he knows that I don’t have time to do that. He goes out of his way to get me my favorite brand of ice cream. He looks after our boys on weekends so I can have some ‘me’ time. He works very hard to ensure that we live a comfortable life. That is my husband’s love language.

Writing as a love language
I am a rememberer of birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasion. I am a gift giver and a greeting card sender. I am a memory keeper. I take photographs of my children, of life’s milestones, and everyday joys. I write in my blog about what motherhood means to me, and document my children’s milestones and daily shenanigans. That is my love language.

Children’s love language
My oldest is three and a half, and is speech delayed. He doesn’t yet understand what “I love you” means. Even through all the challenges that come with a speech delay, my son is loving and affectionate. He greets us in the morning with a cheery “Hi!”. He hugs his little brother, and takes his hand when we go out. He hugs with wild abandon. He’s my cuddler and snuggler. That is his love language.

My littlest doesn’t like to take my hand when we walk together (except his brother’s). He doesn’t always enjoy his brother’s over-boisterous hugs. He does however, like to back up and sit down on my lap when we’re on the floor together. When he’s tired, he puts his head on my shoulder. He hugs everyone’s legs. He kisses with enthusiasm. He dances when the music comes on, and even when it ends, because he loves making us smile. That is his love language.

It doesn’t have to be said all the time. It doesn’t have to be shown with presents or flowers or cards. It doesn’t have to be dramatic. Your love language can be made up of the tiniest things – it is in the way he rests his hand gently on the small of your back. It is in the way she cuts off the crusts on your sandwich. It is in the look in their eyes when they see you in the morning. It is in the hugs they give you before they go to sleep. That, is love language.

What is your love language?

Alison Lee

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Alison traded in launch parties, product launches, international press junkets and world travel, for sippy cups and diapers, breastfeeding and potty training. Alison has been actively over-sharing stories of motherhood on her blog, Writing, Wishing since 2011.


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  • thekitchenwitch

    Hmmm. I had to think about that. Probably the one I use most is the little “I’m thinking of you” gestures like picking up chocolate for my husband, packing special treats in lunches, tucking notes in backpacks. That kind of thing.

    • Alison

      I think those are awesome and beautiful gestures. Thoughtfulness is your love language.

  • Kerstin Auer

    I think this my favourite post in the series so far, it really touched me when I read it and made me think of all the ways that my family shows affection without even saying it. That is on top of saying it – we are “i love you” sayers, all of us; we tell each other several times a day that we love each other (teenager included; I know, right?)

    • Alison

      Aw, that’s adorable and sweet! I can picture you guys, holding hands, saying I love you’s. :)

  • Cheryl Greene

    Alison – What a great Perspective. We can get so caught up in wanting to hear “our” love language and miss out on so much. Thank you for this reminder that there are many many ways to “say” I love you!

    • Alison

      Thank you, Cheryl!

  • Natalie

    Yes these moments, gestures, and actions are the best ones!

    • Alison

      They are!

  • Elaine A.

    My love language is keenly similar to yours! ;) And I REALLY like for people to remember my birthday and other special occasions with gifts, etc.

    • Alison

      It’s why we’re buddies, Elaine!

  • Alison

    You definitely are. I love that about you.

  • Greta

    There are SO many different ways to show love and affection, and that’s something I’m working on…knowing my husband’s love language, showing him mine, reaching out to my kids in their own, different love languages.

    • Alison

      The key is really recognizing each other’s love language, right?

  • RobinFarr


    • Alison

      Thank you!

  • Alison

    Ooh, chocolate is one of mine too. :)

  • Alison Lee

    Thank you for reading, Rachel, I truly appreciate it. And yes, our children’s love language is truly a treasure.

  • Alison Lee

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, Mandi!