Have Yourself a Greener Christmas

Have Yourself a Greener Christmas

Have Yourself a Greener Christmas

Looking into having a “green” Christmas that is still rosy red? A more responsible approach to the holidays isn’t about sacrificing fun. Instead you can reduce the waste and excess that the holidays tend to bring out and still have a jolly time.
Here is how:

  1. Downsize your gift list. If you buy fewer presents then you spend less time going from store to store (i.e. creating pollution and using up natural resources). You’re also cutting down on gift wrapping (i.e. wasting trees and resources). As an added bonus, you’ll spend less money.
  2. Use re-useable bags instead of gift bags. Lots of stores have smartly designed, hip tote bags you can buy for a buck or two to wrap up gifts. Opt for these items that you can use again and again over the shiny plastic-coated, paper ones that get tossed after a use or two.
  3. Skip out on shopping. Instead of handing out traditional gifts adorned with pretty packaging and bows, offer your services instead. Who wouldn’t love hours of free babysitting, a family photo shoot, a four-course meal, or free car washes for a year? The possibilities are endless for meaningful, service-centered gift-giving.


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Ann Springer writes regularly on home and family issues including pets. She is the mother of three daughters and to her pug, Aggie. She holds degrees in health education and journalism.


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