Endometriosis Is Scary, Too

Endometriosis Is Scary, Too

There is something growing inside of my body that’s not supposed to be there, and I can’t do anything about it. It hurts me physically as well as my relationships with those around me. Too little is known about this disease that was discovered over 300 years ago. Doctors still can’t even agree on safe treatment options, instead they proscribe harmful treatments that give little to no return on the investment of risks taken.

When I told my mom that my doctor thought I might have endometriosis she responded with, “It could be worse. At least you don’t have cancer.” I don’t think she knows how much those two sentences have hurt me; in fact I know she doesn’t.

Do you have endometriosis?  Do you know someone who has?

Tabitha Kerkove

After being diagnosed with endometriosis Tabitha Kerkove became a major advocate for participatory medicine. Through research and networking Tabitha has been able to successfully manage her endometriosis by partnering with healthcare providers.

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