Dark Chocolate (Cacao) is for Everyone

Dark Chocolate (Cacao) is for Everyone

Dark Chocolate (Cacao) is for Everyone

Now that I have shared so many wonderful benefits of cacao, I just wanted to end by saying – cacao is for everyone!  There are so many yummy, fun facts about CACAO- it’s time to spread the ‘sweet’ word. As we always say at sweetriot -a riot never happens alone!  Cacao is something that is meant to be enjoyed, and celebrated. 

Next time you pop open a tin of sweetriot keep in mind that you are supporting the farmers in Latin America, emerging artists everywhere, getting a serious antioxidant boost, and helping rioters continue to spread the health movement of dark chocolate & story of CACAO!  A sweetriot is a joyful celebration of culture, diversity, and understanding-wont you join us?! Life is short. Make it sweet!

For more CACAO FUN hit www.sweetriot.com

Moral of the story – Dark chocolate/cacao is the ultimate fix!


Sarah Endline

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Sarah is an advocate of socially responsible business and cacao and has spoken at elite conferences and events around the world including Harvard Business School, Whole Foods, the University of Michigan, Net Impact, The Leadership Gathering, AIESEC, the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, and the GEL Design Conference.


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