Checklist 2: What to Bring

Checklist 2: What to Bring

Checklist 2: What to Bring

If your child has scheduled surgery you have time to think about packing some important items – ones that can make your child more comfortable and ones that can promote good hospital hygiene. If, on the other hand you find yourself in the emergency room, you can ask a family member to bring a few items for you if needed.

  1. A special blanket or toy can be very soothing to a young child in such an overwhelming, foreign setting. But keep track of any items and always wash them immediately upon returning home. Hospitals are breeding grounds for germs of all kinds.
  2. A family photo– it reminds both you and your child of life outside the hospital.
  3. Hand Sanitizer and wipes. Patients are constantly exposed to surface contaminants (bedrails, food trays, TV remotes) as well as the hands of hospital staff and visitors. It is critical to wash your hands regularly but also remember to keep your child’s hands clean. Your child can touch a table surface that might be unclean and then put her fingers in her mouth, for instance. Not following basic hand hygiene is the number one culprit for hospital-acquired infections.


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