A Touching Experience

A Touching Experience

A Touching Experience

My favorite part of the trip was the people that we met. Everywhere we went people would stop what they were doing to look up and wave. They were so kind and happy all the time, when you looked at them it just made you smile as well. The children were amazing too. When we would ride by on our bikes they would come out laughing and skipping, and they always wanted to touch our skin. They would run alongside our bike for two and three miles at a time and they never got tired.

Have you visited a country where your skin color is in the minority?  Was that a positive experience or a negative one? How did you feel?

Eliana Schiffer

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13 year old Eliana Schiffer from Santa Barbara, California went on a 3 week bike ride this summer in Rwanda with her teacher’s family and 6 other students from Santa Barbara Middle School.


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