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    Our invited Guest Bloggers share their Perspective on children's health and parenting. Their view point may be different than Dr. Greene's, but each guest has a valuable view point. Well worth reading!

    Bowls of fresh fruits and veggies.
    By: Jennifer Tyler Lee November 5, 2014 0 Comments
    Solution #3: Bring on the Colors!

      “Colors are like instruments in symphony—the more you have, the richer the experience.” That’s the analogy I use with kids when I talk about the importance of eating your colors. The tr…

    Girl preparing Brussels spouts to cook
    By: Jennifer Tyler Lee November 4, 2014 0 Comments
    Solution #2: Cook With Your Kids, Not For Your Kids

      Home cooking may be the solution to the food challenges we face, but as busy parents how do we actually make it happen? And when we do find time to cook, how do we get our kids to eat the healt…

    A child holding a heap of Brussels sprouts
    By: Jennifer Tyler Lee November 3, 2014 0 Comments
    Solution #1: Getting Kids to Eat Real Food: A No Stress Guide

    Coming together around the family table for a home cooked meal is one of the most powerful things you can do for the lifetime health of your kids—and it starts as early as your little one can sit in…

    Children holding hands and dancing
    By: Lisa Ecklund-Flores October 31, 2014 0 Comments
    Art, Music and Child Development in the Age of Technology

      I have been writing all week about young children as quintessential artists – naturally curious and endlessly creative. I have also stressed the fundamental importance of physicality in art a…

    Child doing painting with a brush
    By: Lisa Ecklund-Flores October 30, 2014 0 Comments
    The Eight Best Ways for Children to Learn About Art  

      As I stood looking at an exhibit of toddler art on the wall of my school one day, the parent standing next to me said, “This rivals an installation at the Museum of Modern Art”. It was true…

    Two girls playing a xylophone
    By: Lisa Ecklund-Flores October 29, 2014 0 Comments
    The Eight Best Ways for Children to Learn About Music

      Ever since researchers discovered that fetuses respond to sound in the sixth month of pregnancy, there have been those in the baby biz that have tried to capitalize on this information. New par…

    Child drawing on a wall
    By: Lisa Ecklund-Flores October 28, 2014 0 Comments
    Creative Expression and Child Development

      At a recent get-together of parents, teachers, and community members interested in supporting the arts, we had a dynamic discussion about the importance of creativity in child development. Thos…

    Child's Colorful Painting
    By: Lisa Ecklund-Flores October 27, 2014 0 Comments
    How to Inspire Your Child’s Creative Genius

      Young children are creative dynamos. They surpass adults in their openness to possibility and their willingness to explore without fear. If you give toddlers a drum they immediately create rhyt…

    Family at a carnival, in a ride that spins around. The background is blurred.
    By: Melissa Black October 3, 2014 0 Comments
    Take off when Lice Move In

      Want to avoid washing every sheet, towel and pillow that you own when the school nurse calls to tell you that your child has lice?  The easiest way to rid your home of lice is… Lice Don’t …

    Four sassy girls standing in front of a garage door looking directly into the camera.
    By: Melissa Black October 2, 2014 0 Comments
    Staring Down The Stigma

    Telling your child’s friends is a tough but necessary step to prevent a lice infestation from being passed back and forth among classmates, friends and teammates… It’s surprising that in this re…

    Mom talking to professional lice remover with daughter watching
    By: Melissa Black October 1, 2014 0 Comments
    The Best Defense is a Good Offense

    Combing for lice to prevent lice infestations is like brushing your teeth to prevent cavities… You’re a parent of a school-aged child.  You’ve gotten the lice notices; you’ve told your little…

    Three girls with hair tied back to help prevent the spread of lice.
    By: Melissa Black September 30, 2014 0 Comments
    Allowing Lousy Children in Schools: What’s behind the removal of the “No-Nit” policies in local school districts?

    Public school districts all over the country are changing their stance on lice in schools.  Where before they had followed a “No Nit” policy that sent a child home if he or she had nits in the ha…

    Family of mom and four daughters in a park
    By: Melissa Black September 29, 2014 0 Comments
    Lice and Resistance: The Rise of the “Super-Louse” and Beyond

    Most parents ask me why there are so many outbreaks of lice in the community now versus when they were kids. Few parents remember having lice themselves, never mind having the sweeping epidemics that …

    A beautiful field of lavendar
    By: Amanda Queen September 26, 2014 0 Comments
    Essential Oils

      What are essential oils? Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic compounds from plants.  A wide variety of different essential oils are available, and may be produced from seeds, bark,…

    Two young children asleep in car seats.
    By: Amanda Queen September 25, 2014 0 Comments
    Extend It! Breastfeeding and Rear-facing Car Seats

      Both of these are commonly seen as 1 year milestones. Or are they?! Extended Breastfeeding By now, most people are familiar with the recommendation to breastfeed if possible, and that exclusive…

    Smiling baby sitting in a highchair eating an avocado
    By: Amanda Queen September 24, 2014 0 Comments
    Starting Solids Without White Rice Cereal?

      I’m sure most of you are familiar with Dr. Greene’s White Out Campaign.  Rice cereal is commonly given to infants as their first food.  Unfortunately this is still suggested by many well …

    Newborn laying under a blanket on mother's stomach.
    By: Amanda Queen September 23, 2014 0 Comments
    Birth Plan Considerations

      Preparing for baby can be so exciting.  Take some time during your pregnancy to plan for your labor and delivery.  It’s helpful to remember that everything may not go exactly “as planned,…

    Girl washing her hands at a kitchen sink.
    By: Amanda Queen September 22, 2014 0 Comments
    Back to School: Natural Solutions for Staying Well

      Summer is over!  Kids are back in school…which means everyone is going to get sick.  Right?!  It doesn’t have to be – remember that not everyone that is exposed to an illness w…

    Table covered in sugar, with the word SUGAR drawn in the white powder
    By: Thea Runyan MPH September 19, 2014 0 Comments
    Where Is Sugar Hiding in Your Kids’ Food?

    Soda and candy are packed full of sugar — we know this. But what everyday foods are also sugar culprits? Do you really know how much sugar is hiding in the foods your kids eat? There are more th…

    Graphic of popcorn, cola, popsicles, candy, potato chips, cookies with a red X over them
    By: Thea Runyan MPH September 18, 2014 0 Comments
    7 Foods That Don’t Belong in Your Child’s Lunch Box

    They’re quick and convenient — gold for busy parents. And they’re salty, sweet or a tempting orange cheesy color — so tempting for kids. Lunch box snacks make their way into many schoo…