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  • Three young siblings obviously very comfortable with each other.

    Fatherhood Without Plan B

    “Well, let me be the first to tell you, there are two babies in there.”  {pause} “And this appointment is now going to be twice as long so you might want to run down and put money in the meter.” Those were the words uttered from the ultrasound tech that forever changed our lives – […] Read full story

  • Happy family in Italy

    Fatherhood: A Gift to Ourselves and to the Future

    I feel like I’ve know my wife and children for centuries. Not necessarily in other lifetimes, maybe just as souls or particles of light that finally got a chance to become human. And even if our becoming a family was the most random of occurrences, the value we place on it and the intention with […] Read full story

  • Foster Goal-Digging Not Gold-Digging in Your Children

    Foster Goal-Digging…Not Gold-Digging in Your Children

    Parenting is the most important and rewarding part of life.  We have the divine opportunity to teach love, confidence, compassion, discipline and responsibility to another person. We will know what kind of parent we are by how we see our children get along, succeed and interact in the world. When love is the foundation of […] Read full story

  • Self-Confidence Begins in the Home

    Self-Confidence Begins in the Home

    A child’s sense of self is shaped by every interaction he or she has, but is shaped most powerfully by how they are loved and parented in their home.  How a child sees themselves will influence every aspect of their life from their education, relationships and over-all well-being. Life is about feeling good enough, competent, […] Read full story

  • Discipline is the Highest Form of Love

    Discipline is the Highest Form of Love

    Discipline is the key to raising functional happy children. What this means is that parents need to, first and foremost, be disciplined themselves. If a parent isn’t disciplined there is no chance of disciplining their children correctly. Discipline should come from natural consequences, or the law of cause and effect. It should not come from […] Read full story

  • 7 Steps to Developing Self-Aware Children

    7 Steps to Developing Self-Aware Children

    Self-awareness is a key predictor of a child’s ability to be balanced and secure in life. Being self-aware helps kids establish positive peer relationships, allows them to get along well at home and to respect authority. Self-awareness is at the core of emotional intelligence and is crucial in your children reaching their academic and personal goals […] Read full story

  • 5 Ways to Parent the Forgiveness-Cure

    5 Ways to Parent the Forgiveness-Cure

    As parents we must teach our children the realities of life.  Life hurts us, people hurt us, we hurt other people and we hurt ourselves. That is what relationships and life are about. The sooner we let our children in on this secret the healthier their life-approach will be. Forgiveness is many things but we […] Read full story

  • Boys Will Be Boys

    Boys Will Be Boys

    Having two boys means that everyone around us has boys. They are great kids, and for the most part, their parents have similar parenting styles and values. But so many times when we were out we’d see other boys behaving badly and the parents said nothing. The phrase “Boys Will Be Boys” always makes me […] Read full story

  • Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

    Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

    I have been in an uproar lately after seeing the documentary Fed Up. The film follows the lives of four teens who are struggling with obesity. They are trying to lose weight, but can’t. The film sheds light on just how much added sugar is in some processed foods and it was shocking to me. […] Read full story

  • Real Life Puberty For Boys

    Real Life Puberty For Boys

    What happens when a boy goes through puberty? I’m not a doctor or a scientist, so I will not be discussing the endocrine system here. I’m a Mom, so I’ll be discussing real life. I have 2 sons, one who is just beginning puberty and the other one who’s knee deep in the process. Facial […] Read full story