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  • Five teenage girls take a selfie

    5 Tips to Help Teen Girls Deal with Today’s “Compare and Despair” Mentality

    In a culture in which mass media promotes doctored and unrealistic images of beauty, girl-against-girl bullying is prevalent, and social media encourages a “compare and despair” mentality, how can we protect and promote our girls’ self-confidence? How can we combat the negative social influences acting on the next generation? True confidence can come from adopting […] Read full story

  • Two girls look at cell phone and gosip

    A New Study’s Surprising Revelations About Sexting

    If you have a teenage daughter, you’ve probably read some articles, had some back-to-school-night discussions, or talked with fellow parents about the uneasy topic of sexting. In an age where the Internet “never forgets” and media-savvy universities and potential employers turn their eyes to Google in vetting applicants, girls can jeopardize their futures in a […] Read full story

  • Three teenage girls typing on smartphones at a tennis court

    4 Ways Media Can Enrich Your Daughter’s Life

    We’re accustomed to critiquing the media, especially when it comes to adolescent girls. We can point to it as a cause of low self-esteem and poor body image. We can lament the fact that ever-present smartphones, tablets, and laptops distract young women from the kinds of in-person interactions we know form the foundation for life’s […] Read full story

  • Toddler with a stick getting ready to hit something

    Behavior Modification and ADHD

    What Behaviors to Change Children with ADHD will use many undesirable behaviors throughout the day. It’s best to start working on eliminating one behavior at a time, rather than all at once. Unsafe behaviors should be addressed first, before other behaviors such as not following directions, whining, etc. Safety-Breaks A safety-break is essentially a “time-out.” […] Read full story

  • Is the Toddler Displaying Normal

    Is My Toddler Displaying Normal Temperament, ADHD, or Another Mental Health Condition?

    Normal (Neurotypical) Toddlers The most common misdiagnosis of ADHD is actually due to normal temperament.  At times, all toddlers will demonstrate behaviors associated with ADHD- irritability, aggression, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. For example, a two-year-old child should only be able to hold attention to an activity for three to six minutes- not fifteen! A three-year-old […] Read full story

  • Treatment Options for Toddlers with ADHD

    Treatment Options for Toddlers with ADHD

    Early Intervention Services The Department of Human Services (at the local county health department) has a division entitled Early Intervention Services. They Early Intervention (EI) staff can help children with a variety of different needs from birth through the day before their third birthday. So, if a one or two-year-old is struggling with social-emotional deficits, […] Read full story

  • Six-Warning-Signs-of-ADHD-in-Toddlers

    Six Warning Signs of ADHD in Toddlers

    Have you ever wondered if your toddler was more active than normal? Here are six signs of ADHD in toddlers that you can use when discussing the possibility with your child’s pediatrician. 1. Using Dangerous Behavior Toddlers with ADHD actually have less stimulation in their brains, and therefore, they need more stimulation to get their […] Read full story

  • Toddlers and ADHD

    Can Toddlers Actually be Diagnosed with ADHD?

    Age of ADHD Onset The latest research shows that the age of onset for ADHD can be up through age twelve. However, the genes for ADHD are usually activated prior to four years old, and it can actually be as early as infancy. Because of the nature of toddlers, around half of parents would claim […] Read full story

  • Multi-generational family shares a picnic

    Being a Father in a Digital World

    If there’s one word that best describes the Internet (and digital technology in general), it’s “disruptive.” Just look at the industries and economic sectors that have been reshaped or virtually eliminated over the last thirty years: telephone directories; photo processing; vinyl albums, cassette tapes, CDs, videotapes, and DVDs; travel agents; local bookstores; and so on […] Read full story

  • Three young siblings obviously very comfortable with each other.

    Fatherhood Without Plan B

    “Well, let me be the first to tell you, there are two babies in there.”  {pause} “And this appointment is now going to be twice as long so you might want to run down and put money in the meter.” Those were the words uttered from the ultrasound tech that forever changed our lives – […] Read full story