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    Our invited Guest Bloggers share their Perspective on children's health and parenting. Their view point may be different than Dr. Greene's, but each guest has a valuable view point. Well worth reading!

    Canisters of colorful candy on a buffet table.
    By: Beth Ziesenis May 4, 2015 6 Comments
    Mom’s Memorial: A Letterman Top Ten List & Lovely Parting Gifts

    The memorials I’ve attended have been very solemn occasions. We all wore black. We comforted each other in hushed tones. We cried. We hugged. And after we mourned the life of the person we’…

    Hamster running in a wheel.
    By: David Ryan Polgar May 1, 2015 0 Comments
    Overplugged: Tech Balance Is About Living Life Deeply

    We tend to think of tech balance as a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. What we may be overlooking is that tech balance has a tremendous impact on how we view the world, relate with others, a…

    Glass cookie jars, filled with cookies.
    By: David Ryan Polgar April 24, 2015 0 Comments
    Overplugged: Relying On Willpower for Tech Balance May Be a Mistake

    Achieving tech balance is far easier in theory than in reality. A major stumbling block in our pursuit to have a tech balanced family is our unshakeable belief in willpower, and the notion that the so…

    Several photos of the same young man, all with different expressions.
    By: Sherrie Campbell April 13, 2015 0 Comments
    Preventing Teen Suicide & One Sad Fact

    Suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth between 10 and 19 years of age. However, suicide is preventable in some cases. Let’s talk about how you can prevent teen suicide. Teenager…

    Young man on public transportation holding on to a rail with one hand and texting with the other.
    By: David Ryan Polgar April 10, 2015 0 Comments
    Overplugged: By Killing Boredom You Could Be Killing Creativity

    Boredom gets a bad name these days. For a child to say, “I’m bored” is often seen as a symptom of poor planning, as opposed to being viewed as natural occurrence. Instead of embracing boredom as…

    Graphic of a brain with symbols for activities such as home, share, computer, shopping, etc.
    By: David Ryan Polgar April 8, 2015 0 Comments
    Overplugged: Can a Mental Food Plate Give Us Better Perspective?

    The food plate offers us a simple yet powerful visual to conceive of our daily consumption. Instead of viewing every dietary action by itself, we are thinking of each food item as part of a whole. The…

    Now famous photo of guy texting while a whale swims by. Photo by Eric J Smith.
    By: David Ryan Polgar April 6, 2015 0 Comments
    Is Your Family Overplugged? Time for Tech Balance

    You’ve probably seen this photo of the man sitting on a sailboat while a whale swims dangerously close. The man, oblivious to the majestic whale, is busy texting. Houston, we have a problem. So…

    Black and white image of a sad teenage girl.
    By: Sherrie Campbell April 4, 2015 0 Comments
    Teen Suicide: The Role of Family Dynamics & Health Issues

    The one place of connection that has the potential to be most stable for all children, teens, and adults alike is the family environment. The first place we feel love or acceptance or hatred and a lac…

    Teenage blond girl taking a selfie
    By: Sherrie Campbell April 1, 2015 3 Comments
    Healthy Sexual Identity Development & Teen Suicide

    Sexual identity development is a major task during the teen years. The developmental process involves teens understanding their feelings of sexual arousal, understanding their sexual emotions, underst…

    Bobbie and Whitney singing together on stage.
    By: Sherrie Campbell March 25, 2015 0 Comments
    3 Reasons Why Children Commit Suicide When They Have Had a Parent do the Same

    View image | As we watch in horror over Bobbi Kristina fighting for her life after nearly killing herself almost three years to the date of her Mother’s death, a teacher in Orange Co…

    Bonnie Modungo in the kitchen preparing a variety of vegetables.
    By: Bonnie Modugno MS RD March 24, 2015 0 Comments
    Nurturing Your Gut Microbiome – #LTKH

    This week’s installment of Let’s Talk Kids’ Health Tweet Chat  was an interview with Registered Dietician and Guest Blogger, Bonnie Modungo. Here is the #Storify transcript of…

    Close-up of a sad teenage girl.
    By: Sherrie Campbell March 23, 2015 0 Comments
    3 Developmental Tasks which Push Some Teens over the Edge and How to Parent them

    It is so hard to understand why a teenager with so much life ahead of them would decide to commit suicide. Teenagers are naturally self-centered, self-focused and oriented only to what is happening ri…

    Vegetables and nut butter wrapped to make vegan shshi.
    By: Bonnie Modugno MS RD March 13, 2015 0 Comments
    The Post Pasteurian Era: A broader approach to nuturing our microbiome

    Interest in the role of bacteria and our health exploded once scientists mapped the human microbiome in 2013. Humans co-evolved with microbes, so it follows that microbes impact everything from immune…

    Inoculating from Birth -- Photo by Mamma Loves
    By: Bonnie Modugno MS RD March 12, 2015 1 Comments
    Inoculating from Birth: How to cultivate a healthy microbiome for your baby before and after birth

    We used to think that we push babies out into the world with a sterile gut, free from bacteria. Today that notion is largely dismissed. Mom’s microbiome influences her babies health far before b…

    Tired Teen
    By: Donnica L Moore MD March 12, 2015 0 Comments
    Teen Fatigue: Causes & Solutions – #LTKH

    #LTKH is the hashtag for Let’s Talk Kids’ Health a Tweet Chat hosted by @DrGreene & @MsGreene on Monday evenings at 9 p.m. ET. This is the #Storify transcript from our chat with guest @DrDonn…

    Fresh bunches of carrots with stems.
    By: Bonnie Modugno MS RD March 11, 2015 2 Comments
    Bugs For Sale: The role of probiotics, prebiotics & synbiotics in gut health

     Who knew that in the 21st century we would become so preoccupied with bacteria? Long considered a lower life form, scientists today consider these microorganisms highly evolved, with elaborate syste…

    Making homemade yogurt from raw organic milk.
    By: Bonnie Modugno MS RD March 10, 2015 2 Comments
    The Right Kind of “Clean” Eating: A call to consume enough beneficial bacteria

    Consumers and health professionals alike sit at a crossroads, caught between minimizing risk of food contamination and cultivating a healthy and diverse population of gut microbes.   Too many of the…

    Kitchen with a jar of homemade sauerkraut.
    By: Bonnie Modugno MS RD March 8, 2015 0 Comments
    The Postpastuerian Era: We need to learn to live with microbes, not merely try to eradicate them

    Research tells us that we have co-evolved with microbial communities and that they are integrated in every facet of our biology. Yet we consciously–and sometimes inadvertently–destroy them…

    Three teenage girls, standing profile. One is obese, one is slightly over weight, the third is thin.
    By: Cheryl Greene March 5, 2015 0 Comments
    Should Kids Go on a Diet? – #LTKH

    #LTKH (Let’s Talk Kids’ Health) is the weekly Tweet Chat hosted by @DrGreene & @MsGreene. This week we talked with @DrFlanders and others about the question “Should kids go on a …

    Tray of bright red strawberries.
    By: Ashely Koff RD March 3, 2015 0 Comments
    How to Get Kids to Love Veggies – #LTKH

    Each Monday night we host #LTKH Tweet chat. #LTKH is the hashtag for Let’s Talk Kids’ Health. The format is simple, @DrGreene, @MsGreene or a guest host interviews a guest expert and ev…