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  • Image of chopping vegetables on a cutting board from The Fresh 20

    Reduce Food Waste by Planning Ahead

    It’s practically impossible to maintain a healthful diet without planning.  Before I started The Fresh 20, I wasted pounds and pounds of farmer’s market bounty because I didn’t plan to eat; I only planned to stock the fridge. If standing in front of the fridge with a blank stare on your face sounds faintly familiar, […] Read full story

  • Beautiful image of dinner table loaded with fresh foods from The Fresh 20

    5 Ways to Get Fresh

    Summer is a great time to establish fresh habits. With so many great fruits and vegetables it’s a great time to make healthy changes and the perfect opportunity to #getfresh food habits. Here are five simple ways to start with health and happiness today. Go Green Increasing vegetables is a sure fire way to improve […] Read full story

  • Crying toddler boy wearing overalls

    In everything we do, we teach our children lessons

    We all have experienced babies letting us know just exactly how they feel, about just about everything. Empty tummy? How about I scream until you figure it out. Food not to my liking? Of course, I’m going to spit it out! Wet diaper? Yes, it may be 2am but I’d like a dry diaper…and I’d […] Read full story

  • If we dont listen to our kids when they ask nicely

    If we don’t listen to our kids when they ask nicely, aren’t we teaching them to scream if they want to be heard?

    In every endeavor I try to pause and, instead of just experiencing it, I ask myself what can I learn from this. I’ve always done this, but since becoming a blogger I find myself asking, “Is this a bloggable moment? Is there something here worth sharing?” I knew when I left for the Philippines to […] Read full story

  • Child with cleft lip and big eyes

    Have you ever had one of those bolt of lightning moments of awareness?

    Have you ever had one of those bolt of lightning moments of awareness knowing exactly where you belong, while simultaneously realizing it’s never going to happen. That’s how I felt the first time I heard about Doctors Without Borders. That was me. I wanted to be those people, to work to end suffering for people […] Read full story

  • Young Boy plays with a toy truck after having surgery

    Meet Gustavo

    People have asked what traveling with Operation Smile has been like. The best way I’ve found to explain the impact it has on my life is to share the impact that Operation Smile has had on the lives of a few of the people they serve. Meet Gustavo. He’s a happy, lovable, eleven year old. He loves hot wheel […] Read full story

  • Female doctor examining a teenage girl

    How to Prepare Your Daughter for Her First Visit to the Gynecologist

    No one is excited for their visit to the gynecologist, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth. A trip to the gynecologist, while never anyone’s idea of a fun afternoon, should also not be a traumatic or scary appointment. A big key to helping girls feel more comfortable with the idea of their first visit is […] Read full story

  • Three teenage girls at a spa with cucumbers on their eyes

    Want to Boost Your Daughter’s Body Image? Some Helpful Resources

    Parents often ask me how they can help their girls develop healthy self-images. In a media-driven society that sexualizes young women, values beauty above all else, and glorifies virtually unattainable appearances, building body confidence in our young people can feel impossible. However, despite the negative societal forces acting on our girls, we have the power […] Read full story

  • Five teenage girls take a selfie

    5 Tips to Help Teen Girls Deal with Today’s “Compare and Despair” Mentality

    In a culture in which mass media promotes doctored and unrealistic images of beauty, girl-against-girl bullying is prevalent, and social media encourages a “compare and despair” mentality, how can we protect and promote our girls’ self-confidence? How can we combat the negative social influences acting on the next generation? True confidence can come from adopting […] Read full story

  • Two girls look at cell phone and gosip

    A New Study’s Surprising Revelations About Sexting

    If you have a teenage daughter, you’ve probably read some articles, had some back-to-school-night discussions, or talked with fellow parents about the uneasy topic of sexting. In an age where the Internet “never forgets” and media-savvy universities and potential employers turn their eyes to Google in vetting applicants, girls can jeopardize their futures in a […] Read full story