Green Monster Smoothie
    June 7, 2013
    Kid-Friendly Green Monster Smoothie

    [star-rating][yields] Instead of always feeling like you want your kids to eat their greens, drink them up instead with this green monster smoothie!…

    Whole Wheat Pancake Mix
    June 6, 2013
    Whole Wheat Pancake and Waffle Mix Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] We go through a lot of pancake mix in our house. As much as I love making pancakes from scratch, the convenience of a good mix can be a time-challenged mom's best friend. What …

    Oatmeal in the Crock Pot
    June 5, 2013
    Oatmeal in the Crock Pot Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] Especially good on a cold morning, but a great breakfast option any morning.…

    Irish Banana Split Green Smoothie
    May 17, 2013
    Irish Banana Split Green Smoothie

    [star-rating][yields] Okay, the image above is stretching it a little -- there is no whipped cream topping for this luscious smoothie, but it's so good it tastes like there could be!…

    Green Apple Glory Green Smoothie
    May 17, 2013
    Green-Apple-Glory Green Smoothie

    [star-rating][yields] Avocados in smoothies add a creamy richness that's filled with healthy-fats. Hint: leave the avocado pit in the half you don't use for this recipe to keep the avocado green longe…

    Green Slime Smoothie
    May 17, 2013
    Green Slime Smoothie

    [star-rating][yields] The name might gross you and I out but trust me, kids love drinking “slime”.…

    Tropical Green Smoothie
    April 18, 2013
    Tropical Green Smoothie

    [star-rating][yields] Here are some simple ways to make green smoothies taste delicious because who wants a drink that just tastes like blending spinach or kale.…

    Poor Mans Soy Latte
    April 2, 2013
    Poor Man’s Soy Latte

    [star-rating][yields] This is the next best thing to a real barista latte, for a fraction of the price. I make it with soy milk, but if you drink dairy, you can use the same method to make a more trad…

    Cowboy Cookies for Breastfeeding Moms (and Little Ones, Too) Recipe
    January 31, 2013
    Cowboy Cookies for Breastfeeding Moms (and Little Ones, Too) Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] Cowboy Cookies are traditionally huge. I suggest sticking with smaller cookies since they build in portion control for kids and breastfeeding moms for whom it’s especially impo…

    Pepper Walnut Spread Recipe
    January 3, 2013
    Pepper Walnut Spread Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] Here is a recipe kids love to make and are surprised at how much they like the taste! It is a simple appetizer that they can take ownership of serving to guests upon arrival befo…

    Decadent Vegan Truffles
    December 12, 2012
    Decadent Vegan Truffles Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] Make these delicious chocolate truffles for your holiday party and watch them disappear faster than you can say "Happy New Year!" These decadent morsels are a great example of ho…

    Baked Eggs
    July 19, 2012
    Baked Eggs Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] There are millions of ways to use eggs - but I want to offer you a simple brunch idea. It takes longer than scrambling, or frying, but the pay off is huge and so yummy with an he…

    Chocolate Zucchini Muffin Recipe
    May 2, 2012
    Irresistible Chocolate Zucchini Muffin Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] My generous neighbor Jack, who happens to have an amazing green thumb, gave me a couple beautiful zucchinis from his garden. My kids asked if I would make chocolate zucchini brea…

    Just four ingredients combine to form a tasty, velvety sauce that has intriguing hints of sweetness and spice.
    April 16, 2012
    Coconut Chile Sauce

    [star-rating][yields] For a change of pace, substitute 1/2 tablespoon Thai red curry paste for the chile paste. This velvety sauce partners beautifully with Coconut-Crusted Salmon or with grilled fish…

    Quick and Easy Asparagus Socca Recipe
    April 12, 2012
    Quick and Easy Asparagus Socca Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] If you love asparagus, enjoy stretching a few spears per person into a main dish. The creamy center of the socca completes the tender richness of the roasted, then baked asparagu…

    Strawberry Vinaigrette
    April 10, 2012
    Special Occasion Strawberry Vinaigrette Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] This fresh spring variation on raspberry vinaigrette makes a low-fat, high-taste topping for salads. Let it elevate a salad into a special-occasion meal by serving it over Red Sa…

    Tasty Creamed Dill Potatoes Recipe
    February 17, 2011
    Tasty Creamed Dill Potatoes Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] Nothing complements the flavor of dill like potatoes. Make this yummy dish for your little ones! CLEAN IT Dirty Dozen Alert: Potatoes – choose Organic please GREEN IT Compost y…

    Raisin Date Walnut Cinnamon Rolls Recipe
    January 17, 2011
    Raisin Date Walnut Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] You can feel good about eating sweets that are made from whole foods. These beauties are filled with whole dates and raisins to give them natural sweetness and ample fiber. They …

    Carmelized Bananas with Chocolate Drizzle
    January 15, 2011
    Carmelized Bananas with Chocolate Drizzle

    [star-rating][yields] Whole fruit plus some heat intensifies the sweetness enough to call this fruit dish dessert. This recipe uses the cooking technique “reduction”.  (more…)…

    Heirloom Lettuce and Strawberries Salad Recipe
    August 31, 2010
    Heirloom Lettuce and Strawberries Salad Recipe

    [star-rating][yields] Sweet-tart and succulent, strawberries are a true joy of spring and summer. This  salad uses whole heirloom lettuce and strawberries as a beautiful as they are flavorful. Just…