What to Do About Chemicals in Pregnant Women: Public policy changes your body

What to Do About Chemicals in Pregnant Women: Public policy changes your body

The Environmental Health Perspective article, Environmental Chemicals in Pregnant Women, has been getting a lot of play. I’ve got five take home lessons from the study. Here’s number 3.

Lesson 3: Public policy changes your body.

One of the most striking aspects of this study was that the toxic chemical profile was different in pregnant women living in different states, varying with the chemical regulations there. This makes sense. We already knew on a national level that when lead was removed from gasoline by public policy, the lead levels in our children plummeted.

Public policy about regulating chemicals isn’t boring or irrelevant; it’s meaningful and intensely personal. The issues are often complex, but the results can change our bodies. Pay attention to these issues, and let your voice be heard.

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