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Wendy Cray Kaufman

Wendy Cray Kaufman

A little bit corporate, a little bit crunchy, Wendy Cray Kaufman has spent the past year learning how to balance a full-time career and the demands of new motherhood. By day, she's the advertising copywriter for a large international retailer, but her other hats include freelance writer, green devotee, vegetable enthusiast and local foodie.

Wendy studied Nutrition and Culinary Arts in college before deciding on a degree in English Literature from Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA. All of her interests eventually came together in the creation of ABCs and Garden Peas, a natural parenting and food blog where she explores her role as an eco-conscious mommy and chronicles her mission to create a life that’s “fresh and healthy, happy and whole."

This multi-tasking mom credits her supportive family and online community with helping her realize that her parenting goals of extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and eating real food could work in harmony with her career goals. She hopes to pay that support forward by pursuing a certificate in Lactation Education and starting a natural parenting group in her local area.

Wendy, her husband, and their 15-month-old son live in a tiny house on a charming piece of land in Central Pennsylvania where they plan to spend the next year growing food, making lovely compost, and hoping to expand their family.


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