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Ty Vincent MD

Ty Vincent MD

Dr. Ty Vincent is an integrative physician trained in full-spectrum family medicine, receiving his degree from the University of Washington, School of Medicine. From attending to patients in the ICU, delivering babies, performing colonoscopies and endoscopies, and daily work within a group practice his experience covers a wide range in the medical field. His additional training includes acupuncture, chelation, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and herbal medicine.

Dr. Ty dispels many of the false beliefs the American culture has been led to embrace in regards to diet, exercise, and medical care in his new book Thinking Outside the Pill Box. His book also presents an in-depth discussion of the financial and societal impact of the current state of healthcare in the U.S. compared to other countries.

Dr. Ty is a frequent speaker at integrative medical conferences in the areas of hormone therapies and immune therapies. He also runs his outpatient clinic and is involved in national integrative education for two major physician organizations.

Dr. Ty is the father of six.


Blog Posts by Ty Vincent MD

  • Fluoride and Flame Retardants

    Fluoride and Flame Retardants

    Fluoride is a huge topic of debate around the country in regards to city water supplies.  There really should be no debate on this, because the extensive body of scientific research on the subject shows very clearly that fluoride is a neurotoxin and a carcinogen. 

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  • Heavy Metal Exposures in Children

    Heavy Metal Exposures in Children

    If you check out the EPA website it states the top three most concerning environmental toxins are Lead, Mercury and Arsenic.  These metals are everywhere in our modern industrialized world, and they are present to some extent in all of us. 

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  • Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals In Our Children

    Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals In Our Children

    There are many chemicals in our everyday environment now that either behave like hormones or drastically disrupt hormonal behavior in our bodies.  Plasticizers are chemicals added to plastic in order to make it less brittle, and many of them act like estrogen or affect other hormonal pathways once in our bodies.

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  • Pesticides and Herbicides in Children

    Pesticides and Herbicides in Children

    Parents are often torn between the perceived health benefits of eating an “organic” diet and the increased cost of organically grown or raised foods.  It is important to discuss the potential health effects of pesticides and herbicides, also fungicides, on our children.

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  • Environmental Health Concerns for Kids

    Environmental Health Concerns for Kids

    Every parent wants their child to be healthy.  One of the biggest barriers to this today is the fact they are born on planet Earth.  We humans have polluted this planet to such an extent that every baby born today almost certainly has more than one thousand (more likely many thousands) man-made chemicals in its […]

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