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Theresa Pileggi-Proud

Theresa Pileggi-Proud

Theresa Pileggi Proud is the former Executive Director of Children's Health Partnerships, an advocacy organization and consultancy that evolved from the Health and Wellness Committee at her daughters' school. In 2006, she was recognized by Organic Valley as a Parent Leader in School Food Reform for her program, Let's Talk Lunch. Theresa's interests continue to grow with her children and now include positive gender messaging and programs to promote leadership opportunities for young girls.

A graduate of the University of Virginia and Villanova School of Law, Theresa resides in Delaware with her husband and two teenage daughters.


Blog Posts by Theresa Pileggi-Proud

  • Was It Worth It

    Was It Worth It? Reflections from a Second Generation Food Mom

    I walked down the damp hallway past the entrance to the visitors’ locker room just as my teenage daughter and her friends emerged. Fresh from the game, each held a bucket-sized frozen slushie the color of antifreeze. They stopped, startled. “Are you mad?”, one ventured, as their eyes met mine. Before I could answer, another […]

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  • Make Good Use of the Time In-Between

    Make Good Use of the Time In-Between

    Towards the end of 2002, my sister sent me the transcript of Dr. Philip Landrigan’s Congressional testimony on Environmental Threats to Children’s Health in America’s Schools.  He carefully coupled his assertion that schools should be free from environmental threats like lead, asbestos and pesticides with an assurance that tested measures could be implemented to minimize […]

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  • Don't Reinvent the Meal-Wheel

    Don’t Reinvent the Meal-Wheel

    Success begets success.  And the good news for school food advocates today is that there are fabulously successful, comprehensive programs all across the country that we can spotlight and model.  Chef Bobo continues to do great things at The Calhoun School in New York, Revolution Foods is expanding their innovative venture, Jamie Oliver has brought […]

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  • Beware the Emotion: Food is Personal

    Beware the Emotion: Food is Personal

    Years ago, when I first approached school administrators about their food policy, I took for granted that logic and science would inform and direct their decisions.  It seemed a fair assumption in light of their thoughtful treatment of other issues – from faculty selection to curriculum development to security policy to athletic schedules.  But while […]

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  • Lead with the Definitions: What is Healthy?

    Lead with the Definitions: What is Healthy?

    I’m a mission statement person.  I find that the more work you do at the front end of program development – mission statement, definitions and goals – the easier things flow through implementation.  If you’re entering the school food arena now, the good news is that you’ve got a plethora of thoughtful, nuanced and tested […]

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  • I Never Intended to Be a "Food Mom."

    I Never Intended to Be a “Food Mom.”

    In human rights work, it’s called the “moment of obligation” – the moment when some story, some person’s pain, some injustice strikes your heart in a way that defines it as your own.  Immediately thereafter comes the realization that you simply must do something about it.

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