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Teresa Taylor

Teresa Taylor

As CEO of Blue Valley Advisors, Teresa advises companies, government agencies and other endeavors on vision, strategy, operations and public affairs.

She retired from Qwest, a Fortune 200 company, as the Chief Operating Officer. She was responsible for 30,000 employees and the strategy and daily operations of the Sales, Product Marketing, Network, and IT organizations. Ms. Taylor led the telecom giant through an acquisition, facilitating the $20 billion process and navigating the complexities of a large merger.

Ms. Taylor serves on the Board of Directors for T-Mobile USA, First Interstate BancSystem and NiSource . She resides in Denver, Colorado and is active in the community and public affairs of Colorado.

Her new book, The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work-Life Success is inspiring women to succeed professionally and personally.

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    Summer Day Care Panic!

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    Give yourself an A + grade!

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