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Tania Reuben aka Pure Natural Diva

Tania Reuben aka Pure Natural Diva

Tania is a wife and mother living in Los Angeles, CA. She founded after friends bombarded her with requests for simple solutions to live greener, healthier lives. Raised by a hardcore hippie and married to a successful hollywood writer, Tania brings a unique voice to the eco-sphere.

She's currently writing her first book and auditioned for a talk show on Oprah Winfrey's new network OWN, but she's open to to offers from other networks!

You can vote for her Oprah audition here, no forms to fill out - quick and easy.


Blog Posts by Tania Reuben aka Pure Natural Diva

  • It's That Season Again

    It’s That Season Again

    It’s that season again — cold & flu! We all know some germs need to be killed (Only some, you say? Find out why we shouldn’t kill all germs from Dr. Greene). Find out what products Pure Natural Diva uses in this informative video.

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  • Organic Foods - Not For Me!

    Organic Foods – Not For Me!

    Did you ever taste a cookie you didn’t like?  Probably. What about ice cream, do you enjoy EVERY flavor? Probably Not.

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  • Plastics & Your Baby

    Plastics & Your Baby

    If you live in North America and have an infant, chances are you are using plastics. If you are using plastics there is good reason to be informed and careful in their use.

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  • Guide to Using Less Plastic

    Guide to Using Less Plastic

    With plastics plastered all over the news I am working harder than ever to reduce plastic use in our home.

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  • I'm Buying a Cow

    I’m Buying a Cow

    I’m not going to pasture a cow in our backyard, but have decided that I need to opt out of the mainstream meat production as much as I possibly can.

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  • Tips for Greener Living

    Tips for Greener Living

    1. Before You Buy – Use What You Have. Chances are you have a lot of stuff in your closets waiting to be used!  I’ve recently broken a habit of buying bulk.  One of my challenges has been to use what I have before moving on to greener and better options. Don’t we just get […]

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