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Tabitha Kerkove

Tabitha Kerkove

Tabitha Kerkove is a professional recruiter in the medical industry. After being diagnosed with endometriosis she became a major advocate for participatory medicine. Through research and networking Tabitha has been able to successfully manage her endometriosis by partnering with healthcare providers.

Tabitha is a Jacksonville, FL resident and an active volunteer in her community. She studies anthropology and linguistics, as well as being very passionate about photography, middle eastern dance, fencing and family.


Blog Posts by Tabitha Kerkove

  • Endometriosis Is Scary, Too

    Endometriosis Is Scary, Too

    There is something growing inside of my body that’s not supposed to be there, and I can’t do anything about it. It hurts me physically as well as my relationships with those around me. Too little is known about this disease that was discovered over 300 years ago.

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  • I Have Endometriosis

    I Have Endometriosis

    I created this postcard in 2007 to express my feelings. I intended to share it anonymously at, but I was inspired to share it publicly after a post in the Endometriosis Research Center’s Yahoo group struck close to home.

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  • The Top Five Things I Want Others to Know about Endometriosis.

    The Top Five Things I Want Others to Know about Endometriosis.

    5) I cry every time the pain is so bad that it keeps me from being a productive member of society. It is the pain that makes it hard for me to visit with friends and family or work, not because I don’t want to.

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