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Stacie Billis

Stacie Billis

Stacie Billis is a child development specialist, family food expert, and the voice behind award-winning site One Hungry Mama where she serves up easy tips and healthy recipes for the family kitchen. A Brooklyn-based mom of two, Stacie also works works with private clients to help parents fit healthy eating into their busy lives. Through her practice, Stacie has helped parents across the country turn a desire to feed their children more healthfully into a reality regardless of budget, cooking skill or, even, schedule.

A leading voice in the conversation about family food, Stacie brings a unique perspective thanks to her MA in Child Development from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and experience developing ChowBaby Foods, an organic family food brand. Stacie lends her voice to the Huffington Post and Cool Mom Picks, where she is a regular contributor. Her work has also been featured in publications including Parents magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, Daily Candy Kids, Baby Center, and Babble, to name just a few.

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  • Using Books to Foster A Love of Food

    Using Books to Foster A Love of Food: A List of Foodie Reads for Kiddo

    Becoming a healthy eater means learning to be a healthy eater. Just like with any learning, books are key, even to babies and pre-readers. Books offer children a new way to understand and think about food away from the pressures of mealtime. They can practice identifying foods, ask questions, and experiment with reactions (without getting […]

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  • The Power of Self-Feeding Skills

    The Power of Self-Feeding Skills: It’s more than just a mess!

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but even just the mention of “self-feeding” makes me shudder. Given my background in child development and expertise in infant and toddler feeding, it’s scandalous to say so, but it’s true! I’m also a neat freak and my desire for cleanliness and order barely override what I know to be […]

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  • All About Yogurt

    All About Yogurt: An unexpectedly wonderful first food for baby

    In my client practice, where I work with parents to help them fit healthy cooking and family eating into their busy lives, I get tons of questions about which foods are the best to start solids. Hands down, moms are most surprised by my suggestion to consider yogurt. Unlike drinking cow’s milk, which should wait […]

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  • Embrace the Puree

    Embrace the Puree!

    In the scheme of things, making homemade baby food is simple business (and totally worth it!). Roast or steam, puree and freeze. No big deal, right? Well, as any busy parent knows, even the simplest tasks become arduous when you’re under slept and have few precious personal moments. Sometimes even just three easy steps feels […]

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  • Safely Introducing High-Allergen Foods

    Safely Introducing High-Allergen Foods: Deciding what’s right for your baby

    You can’t go very long these days without seeing something about food allergies in the news. While increased awareness is a good thing, it’s hard to tell the good information from the bad. The confusion seems to have caused a growing fear of high allergen foods like peanuts and strawberries, especially when it comes to […]

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  • Starting Solids 101

    Starting Solids 101: A joyful start to your baby’s eating adventure

    Starting solids is one of the most fun—and most intimidating—milestones of baby’s first year. With so much conflicting information about food safety and nutrition, constantly changing guidelines, and the rise of allergies, what should be a joyful start to your baby’s eating adventure can easily feel overwhelming. Well, overwhelm be gone. I’m there for you, […]

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  • Cowboy Cookies and Other Tasty Foods to Help Boost Breastmilk Production

    Cowboy Cookies and Other Tasty Foods to Help Boost Breastmilk Production

    Okay, breast feeding mamas: how many of you have heard about lactogenic foods? As someone who struggled to maintain a steady supply of breast milk, many lactogenic foods—foods said to possibly help boost milk production—became my go-to ingredients in those early months following each of my sons’ births. While there isn’t much research on the […]

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  • With Kids, Brunch is the Ticket

    With Kids, Brunch is the Ticket

    I love having people over to eat. Dinner parties were my specialty until I had two children! Now, brunch is the ticket at my place. I start the day with a bang and can still get to bed at a decent time. Given how early my children wake up, I have plenty of time to […]

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  • Save Money While Eating Healthier Meat

    Save Money While Eating Healthier Meat

    Nearly two years ago I made an important decision to eat only organic, local and/or ethically raised meat. Even in New York City, it’s a tall order. At first, I was tempted by convenience to grab chicken from the market instead of making my bi-monthly trip to the butcher where I could request healthy meat. […]

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  • Healthier Baking with Yogurt

    Healthier Baking with Yogurt

    Though I’m known for healthy cooking, I’ve got to be honest: my idea of healthy baking is simply to stick to whole ingredients that are organic and as unprocessed as possible. Organic butter, check. Organic sugar or local honey, check. Organic all-purpose or whole wheat flour, check. Rather than experiment with substitutes, I usually follow […]

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