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Sarah Christensen

Sarah Christensen

Sarah Christensen is the mother and photographer behind the popular blog, a website that candidly and humorously chronicles the ins and outs of contemporary parenthood.

She and her husband focus on natural and responsive parenting.

They are particularly concerned with exploring the outdoors, living sustainably, and returning to their daughter, Charlotte, the seemingly lost body of knowledge therein.


Blog Posts by Sarah Christensen

  • Pediatric Literacy

    Pediatric Literacy

    About two months ago, my daughter Charlotte came to me with a book in her hand.  She handed it to me, then held open her arms for me to pluck her up on my lap.  And then she began to flip the pages and listen as I read her a story.

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  • The Cheapest Baby

    The Cheapest Baby

    A few days ago, I visited one of those enormous baby depots filled with approximately twelve billion useless plastic contraptions.  A friend of mine is expecting and judging by the wish list she handed me, she’s hoping to have at least ten billion of those useless plastic contraptions adorning her home before she delivers the […]

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  • Baby Wearing

    Baby Wearing

    When Donald and I brought our daughter, Charlotte, home from the hospital, the very first thing we slipped her into was a hand-me-down brown pouch.  We took her for a walk that first afternoon home.  My body felt like it was falling apart.  My back ached and my lungs were tired and it hurt to […]

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  • Extended Breastfeeding

    Extended Breastfeeding

    So I’ve been thinking about extended breastfeeding. I think about a lot of things, about earthquakes and cat poop and grass stains and strawberries dipped in chocolate.  So you might as well just pop the state of my boobs on the list, right?  There is no rhyme or reason to what floats around in my […]

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  • The Great Game of Parenting

    The Great Game of Parenting

    Sometimes I feel like motherhood is one giant witch hunt.  In the great game of parenting, I am damned if I do.  And I am damned if I don’t.

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