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Sara Snow

Sara Snow

Sara Snow has been called "green living’s real deal" and it’s easy to see why. Daughter of an organic foods pioneer, Tim Redmond, Sara grew up surrounded by organic gardens, compost piles and a family with a passion for green living. As an Emmy winning television producer and news anchor, Sara returned to her roots and became creator and host of two TV series for the Discovery Networks with practical advice on living green: LIVING FRESH and GET FRESH WITH SARA SNOW. Today, Sara reaches millions through her shows, her regular segments on LIVE, as a featured blogger on, and and other projects. Her first book, SARA SNOW’S FRESH LIVING was released this year. Sara is a well known speaker and has been seen on the pages of numerous national publications. Learn more about Sara at


Blog Posts by Sara Snow

  • Healthy Breakfast Ideas for the Busy Moms

    Healthy Breakfast Ideas for the Busy Moms

    Busy moms need to start their days on the right foot, loaded up with all the right types of foods!  Here are a few grab-and-go ideas to get you running with a full tank!

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  • The Abilities of Plants

    The Abilities of Plants

    PLANTS A little while back NASA conducted a study with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America on the abilities of plants to help clean indoor air and rid it of common pollutions. The study was conducted for purposes of purifying air in orbiting space stations, but the results of the study proved to be applicable […]

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  • The Soupy Nursery

    The Soupy Nursery

    There is something going on in nurseries around this country of which unsuspecting new moms and dads are unaware.  Furniture, wall paint, fabric finishes like stain repellants and flame-retardants, and cleaning products all have the potential to send harmful chemicals into the nursery air, slowing turning it into a chemical soup environment.  It sounds scary, […]

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  • Finding Healthy and Organic Foods

    Finding Healthy and Organic Foods

    FOOD CHOICES When I was growing up, finding healthy and organic foods wasn’t as easy as it is today. Today you can find organic milk and minimally processed meats at nearly any grocery store. You can find locally grown or prepared foods at a number of venues in your area.

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  • Faith, Food and Family Community

    Faith, Food and Family Community

    FOOD There are three things that I remember most strikingly about my childhood: faith, food and family community. As Christians we had a strong faith, and for that we were taught to be honest, respectful, kind to others, and kind to the earth.

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  • 1family_122

    House Calls and Home Deliveries

      MY UPBRINGING I was born at home, in my parent’s bed. There weren’t many naturopathic OBGYN’s at the time and home births were not very common, but my parents found someone they trusted—someone who would make house calls and home deliveries—so that our first breaths wouldn’t be in the sterile environment of a hospital.

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