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Samantha Kemp-Jackson

Samantha Kemp-Jackson

Samantha Kemp-Jackson is a writer, blogger, media personality and mother of four. Samantha has a unique viewpoint on parenting, as she has an adult daughter in her twenties, identical twin boys who are four and a nine-year-old daughter in-between. And yes, they are all hers.

The voice behind the popular parenting blog Multiple Mayhem Mamma, she focuses on topics and issues that resonate with her audience from a lighthearted and humorous perspective.

Samantha is a regular fixture in the Canadian media landscape. She appears frequently on leading Ontario morning programs including The Morning Show on Global (where she is a regular Parenting contributor) CH Morning Live, and Rogers Daytime Toronto, as well as recurring regular appearances on Canada’s national morning program Canada AM.

Aside from her regular writings on her blog, Multiple Mayhem Mamma, Samantha is a regular featured blogger at Huffington Post Canada as well as a featured contributor at 30 Second Mom.

Born in London, U.K., Samantha came to Toronto, Canada at a young age and grew up in the city. After attending the University of Toronto and graduating with a degree in Sociology and English, Samantha embarked on a career in the public service, through a position as a caseworker for the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. After nine years of service in the Ministry, Samantha worked in the high tech industry for a few years, while earning a certificate in Public Relations from Ryerson University. Her second career in PR led her to work in two leading communications agencies for a total of almost 10 years.

In 2011, after starting her blog and dealing with the stresses of managing full-time employment and family life, she made the decision to move on from the agency. Her goal was to maintain a more reasonable work-life balance while focusing on writing, blogging and communications consultancy. Since that time, Samantha’s straightforward yet humorous advice, as well as her viewpoint on a variety of parenting-related topics, have made her both a sought-out and trusted source for parents.

Samantha lives in Toronto’s west end with her husband and children and is currently turning her blog postings and humorous stories of family life into a book.

Facebook: MultipleMayhemMamma
Twitter: @samkj27
YouTube: Multiple Mayhem Mamma
Pinterest: SamKJ27
email: [email protected]


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