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Sally Greenwald

Sally Greenwald

Sally Greenwald is a MD MPH student at a medical school in Boston. She is a dancer, a flutist, a swim lesson instructor, a right fielder in softball, and is conversationally fluent in French. She graduated from Tufts University in 2007 and spent a year as Guest Representative of the Emergency Room and Clinical Researcher of the ED at Stanford Hospital.

Sally intends to become a physician because she finds medicine to be the powerful synergy between her fascination with the molecular body and her innate tendency to connect with others. She is an active volunteer in underserved global communities.


Blog Posts by Sally Greenwald

  • Know the School

    Know the School

    Every school is unique in its own right.  Knowing what makes schools different is a good way to figure out what school is best for you, and a great strategy for articulating in an interview what your own interest is in attending that school. I had a great deal of difficulty finding out what each […]

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  • Know Your Application

    Know Your Application

    Obviously you know your application, you wrote it.  You will still need to know it better. Do three things.  One, go over the dates of your activities. The interviewer is your advocate in the committee and will help to explain the timeline of your progression to medical school (esp. if you took time off).

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  • Sally_pre_interview


    Keep Adding Stuff In attempt to free myself from gmail (possible news of interview invites) I decided to keep adding stuff to my resume of life. Staying busy was always a better alternative to feeling as though I was in a ‘waiting period.’ And so I went to Haiti.  Finding time to travel is difficult, […]

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  • Your Most Impassioned Stuff

    Your Most Impassioned Stuff

    You will undoubtedly experience times during the progression of trying stuff in which you realize you love something, or equally important that you hate something.  Continuing to pursue endeavors that you enjoy will lead you down a path of self-discovery. 

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  • Medical Stuff Versus Healthcare Stuff

    Medical Stuff Versus Healthcare Stuff

    Although you may not be able to involve yourself in hands on medical care (actually treating patients), you can easily involve yourself in hands on healthcare (improving the limitless socio-economic factors that affect a person’s health). A person’s quality of life, recreational activities, access to clean drinking water, awareness of hygiene, socioeconomic opportunities, etc. all […]

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  • And You Will Also Need Relevant Stuff

    And You Will Also Need Relevant Stuff

    While doing fun stuff is an important component to your med school app, relevant stuff is equally important. You’re going to need experience, paid or unpaid, in the field of medicine. This can be done either, or better both, through research and clinical exposure. Every strong applicant needs to have research and clinical experience to […]

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  • Go Wide

    Go Wide

    Having a varied list of things in which you were involved will allow you at a later date to use this activity bank you’ve created to determine and explain a situation in which you were a leader, you problem solved, you interacted with diverse people, you were humbled, you struggled with a moral issues, and […]

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  • Study Hard and Do Stuff

    Study Hard and Do Stuff

    You’re pre-med. You’ve made the decision to include the 8-9 prerequisite courses in your undergraduate education thereby unofficially taking the first step towards becoming a medical professional. But you still have to get into medical school… What is going to prepare you for that? In addition to precise note taking, pro-active office hour visits, study […]

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