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Ruth Kaiser

Ruth Kaiser

Artist and children’s author Ruth Kaiser, is excited to share with you her new children’s book of optimism called A Smiley Book of Colors (Random House & Golden Books). Dr. Greene had this to say when he finally got his hands on a copy: "I knew it was going to be good, but this is so much more than good! This is incredible!!”

Ruth Kaiser is also a preschool teacher, TED Talk speaker AND the creator of the popular online art project Thousands of people find, photograph and share Smiley Faces they find in everyday objects. The Spontaneous Smiley Project is a joyful community of people of all ages from all over the world.

The project is as much about finding happiness as it is about finding Smiley Faces. Ruth blogs as the Smiley Lady. Here she shares her observations about choosing to view life more optimistically. Enjoy her whimsical outlook on making the everyday into the spectacular. As a teacher and mom, she brings a wisdom and perspective that can be enjoyed by parents.

And the next time you or your child need a giggle break, check out the Smiley Gallery or sing along to “Smile. Be Happy!” or “Do You See What I See? A Smiley! A Smiley!” songs Ruth co-wrote just for kids!

Click to let Ruth know that you’d like to receive info about "A Smiley Book of Colors" release party, book signings, and library and museum events.


Blog Posts by Ruth Kaiser

  • toilet-smiley

    Mistake Ritual

    I was just listening to a panel discussion about effective behaviors of people who coach sports. The panelists said a whole bunch of interesting things about discipline and motivation.  I was most struck by one man’s advice to teach kids (people) to have a mistake strategy or mistake ritual.

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  • Thank You

    Thank Yous

    I recently heard a man interviewed about writing Thank You cards. The idea made me smile from ear to ear.  His idea had nothing to do with the obligatory Thank Yous one is supposed to write, after receiving a gift. Nope, not the kind you mean to write but then don’t, and then beat yourself […]

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  • peeling-paint-smiley

    Be Porous, not Teflon

    If you go through life with a Teflon coating, you miss out. So often it’s a matter of incorrectly thinking we have too much to do to take the extra time to enjoy our surroundings.  Too much to do?  That supposition deserves a second look.

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  • bubble-smiley

    Be the Adjectives You Admire! A TO DO list worth doing!

    Can you think of 6 words to describe yourself? Probably not too hard to do, so take a minute. I hope you come up with lots of positive adjectives! If not, practice a little self compassion and try again. Nobody gets to see the list so why not brag a little, about yourself to yourself. […]

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  • moss-smiley

    The How Much Mud Can You Carry in Your Underwear Challenge, be quick to smile and slow to scold.

    One gorgeous spring day, my three kids were in the backyard making mud with the hose, lots and lots of mud. They’d come up with the marvelous, incredible, never before experienced, “How Much Mud Can You Carry in Your Underwear Challenge.” Unbeknownst to me one of them had run into the house to get the […]

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  • In the coming year I vow to be a uni-tasker

    In the coming year, I vow to be a uni-tasker.

    The whole concept that multitasking is wonderful, is quite frankly absurd. I don’t buy the theory, that if only we could master multitasking we would have a better life. I say, “Bptptptp” to that (imagine the Smiley Lady blowing a raspberry).  Multitask and you lose the entire experience of each of the things you’ve jumbled […]

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  • perspectives-hubcap-page

    The Years Will Fly By, Will You Miss Them?

    “Oh the miles we logged.” says Hub Cap Smiley.

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  • perspectives-list-of-page

    Giant List of Smiley, Joyful Things

    My giant list of smiley things makes me smile every time I walk into my office. I have a giant list of smiley things taped to the wall in my office. I started it when I took the class Awakening Joy. Discussing ways to be more joyful was a very pleasant way to spend one […]

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  • perspectives-keyboard

    Working on your Internal Optimistic Narrator can Change your Life

    Keyboard Smiley was glad to see me when I came back to my desk. Today’s been a busy day. Middle of the afternoon, lots of stuff to still get done. I took a break and pulled out a puzzle book.   After 20 minutes I said to myself, “Ok. Quit wasting time. Back to work.” Yikes. […]

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  • chocolate pudding smiley

    Just Say Yes

    Chocolate Pudding Smiley Not in the tub; hard to believe  but on that day I forgot to snap pictures!

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