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Robin Kamen

Robin Kamen

Robin Kamen is General Manager, Interactive at Seventh Generation, Inc., a company committed to becoming the world's most trusted brand of authentic, safe, and environmentally-responsible products for a healthy home.

In this series of Blog posts she points out that adventure travel can include lodging with clean sheets and hot water, and admits she spent her first night in a tent just two years ago. She also recommends family visits to Mayan ruins in Mexico (there are several close to the beach resorts of the Playa del Carmen region), and hiking the Giant Slide Trail in Acadia National Park in Maine.


Blog Posts by Robin Kamen

  • Dream -- Before, During and After

    Dream — Before, During and After

    We are always sad at the end of a trip. But we keep an eye out for new ways to preserve our memories, including emerging technologies that make it easy to create panoramic vistas from several single photographs and ever-easier ways to share photos online.

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  • Stuff Happens, So Be Prepared

    Stuff Happens, So Be Prepared

    Stuff happens when you travel, particularly when the trip involves overseas adventure. While the illnesses we have encountered have luckily been limited to traveler’s tummy and altitude sickness, we always plan for more serious occurrences.

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  • Get Everyone Involved in Planning

    Get Everyone Involved in Planning

    Most treks start and end in cities, or in regions with lots of sightseeing. To keep the cultural tourism interesting for the kids, we break up museum visits with trips to local markets.

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  • Pack Light, But Don't Skimp on The Underwear

    Pack Light, But Don’t Skimp on The Underwear

    One of the many lessons we’ve learned on our family adventure trips is that you can never have enough clean hiking socks, and that lightweight wool gloves and hats are a must.

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  • Family Adventure Travel

    Family Adventure Travel

    We love family vacations, and we love off-the-grid travel, especially challenging treks to ancient ruins. Our last big trips have been to Peru, multi-day camping-hiking adventures that have taken us – two adults and two teenage boys — through cloud forests, along mountain ridges overlooking spectacular valleys, and inside the walls of secluded Incan ruins.

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