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Nancy Gould Chuda

Nancy Gould Chuda

Nancy Gould Chuda, Healthy Child Co-Founder & Chair of Honorary Board, Author & Environmental Activist,is the founder of Healthy Child Healthy World. Healthy Child Healthy World was established to honor the Chuda’s only child, Colette, who died in 1991 at the age of five due to a rare, non-genetic, form of cancer. Since launching both the Colette Chuda Environmental Fund and Healthy Child Healthy World, Nancy has won numerous awards for her advocacy. The California League of Conservation Voter’s Environmental Leadership Award, The Healthy Schools Heroes Award, presented to both her and her husband James Chuda by Governor Gray Davis for their legislative efforts in securing The Healthy Schools Act which was signed into law in September, 2000.

She serves as an associate of the Director’s Council of Public Representatives of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and was appointed by President Clinton’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Donna Shalala, to serve as a member of the National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council for the National Institutes of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS) a position she held for four years.


Blog Posts by Nancy Gould Chuda

  • colette-01

    Today: Working So Other Children Will Be Saved

    This year, we invite you to share the news that Healthy Child Healthy World will expand its knowledge base throughout the entire world by: * launching the new Health eHome program in partnership with WebMD, reaching millions per week; * collaborating on the groundbreaking National Children’s Study that will collect health and environmental data on […]

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  • Educating Parents to Become Smart Shoppers

    Educating Parents to Become Smart Shoppers

    Today, parents enter the marketplace wanting to do the right thing — intuitively knowing that some products are safer than others. Thanks to companies like Seventh Generation, one of our partners, we are able to provide information about a multitude of consumer products that are safe to use.

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  • Twenty Years of Hard-won Accomplishments

    Twenty Years of Hard-won Accomplishments

    Almost twenty years have passed since that historic meeting. Some of our earlier accomplishments include:

* the launch of our first website (; * the publication of the CHEC Report;* an educational video called, Not Under My Roof: Protecting Your Baby from Toxins in the Home; * passage of state and federal legislation protective of children’s […]

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  • Turning Heartbreak into Hope

    Turning Heartbreak into Hope

    Within a few short months, and with the help of our dear friend, Olivia, and a small group of committed friends and family, we established The Colette Chuda Environmental Fund, to conduct research into the causes of childhood cancer in relation to the environment. We knew that millions of dollars — now billions — had […]

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  • A Little Girl’s Mission

    A Little Girl’s Mission

    On May 23, 1990, our lives changed forever. Colette was given an 80 percent chance of survival, but the odds changed when her cancer metastasized. She lived briefly, only five years. But she lived long enough to experience what she had always felt and believed as a child — something that is intuitive to all […]

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  • colette

    Infinitesimal Moment of Disbelief

    It all began with a group of very committed friends, Wednesday’s Moms. My best friend, Olivia Newton-John, and I had shared the joys of motherhood together. We conceived our girls within weeks of one another, and they were born six weeks apart. Like us, Chloe and Colette had a very unique bond. They were glued […]

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